[PC][RP-PVP] Lost Vikings Clan Recruiting

I have a clan called Lost Vikings on a private RPPVP server (not my server). Server is 1x, allows KoS, no raiding restriction schedule, etc.

Mature clan, here for fun and PvP, drama and ego need not apply.

Very PvP and also very RP and friendly at the same time. There are some server rules like you have to steal non-combat thralls not just kill them all, and you should only damage bases enough to enact the raid (no scorched Earth raids).

I have spent a fair bit of my time on server just roleplaying, which is dope.

Good community and good times so far. We are doing a tavern/arena and also of course all the normal raiding stuff.

Roleplay preferred but not strictly required

If you want to join we will need to talk on discord a bit

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