[PC] Serenity (RP) 18+ (Exiles & Isles Maps, Weekly rp hosted events)

Server Name: Serenity (RP/PvP) 18+
Server IP: []

Server Name: Serenity Isle of Siptah (RP/PvP) 18+
Server IP: []

Discord Link: [discord.gg/DVSP3Gk]

Serenity is a modded US-EAST/EU open private roleplay Conan Exiles server for PC only, focusing on RP and storytelling with both weekly casual RP events as well as long form server story arcs for players of all experience levels to get involved with. We hold regular RP events, both local and server wide and are looking for new players to tell amazing stories with.

+Start Adventuring at Level 60!

+New Player Kit - Basic items to help you get started

+Base Building Kit to help you get started building a base/shelter

+Leveling perks for achieving levels 120, 180, 240, and 300

+Quick Travel warps and a portal system to distant areas on the map

+/sethome is free as well as using /home

We offer many quality of life mods. For the full list, please visit our Discord to view the current load order:

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Freshly Wiped today.

Come start new with everyone else.