PC server #1008PVE - Guild building lots of cims over an important iron respawn (just to block it)


Want to report a clan in our server that had built lots of cims ruining a huge iron spawn just next to our main base.
Its not a house, base or any kind of structure… just a huge wall of cims ruining the iron spawn and blocking all the path.
The server is #1008PVE in EU and the location is “The Godclaw path” (close to the brigde in the north).
The owner of this cims is “Die Banner’s”.
Please remove these cims and do anything with this clan ruining the game, not just us, cos some ppl are based close and we all share the iron spawn.


+1 all the iron ruined by these ppl
pls do anything about it

I am also a player on this server.
Please delete this blocks over the iron spawn.

It also would be a good idea to give the entity 'resource node" the property: “you cannot build here”, like you do in the vulcano area or sepermeru.


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