(PC-Server)-Alpha- Primal Rage (RP--ERP-PVP)

Primal Rage is a heavily focused RP-ERP-PVP Server with the theme of only primitive tribes inhabiting the exile lands

it’s set back in a time where man was more beast than man, where magic was at it’s rawest form, Primeval and twisted … with only a scrap bit of cloth covering you and a stone as your weapon… you must seek shelter from the local inhabitants, seeking to enslave… kill… or serve you too their own tribe for dinner…

This servers also has some dark fantasy traits to it, with an environment where magic is more potent having being recently discovered by the few shamans off the land who can manipulate and use it too their own ends

I personally want to see lots creativity… some brutish savage’s, who speak poor english and are dimwitted to a fault, who use their strength rather then their head to get what they want.

I want to see, cannibal’s who preach that there is no finer meal then the flesh of man and no finer way to put fear your enemies eye’s then decorating their home with the skulls of their enemies.

I want to see Demons, the alluring kind and the brutish kind.

I want to see Hybrid men and woman, Half beast Half man…

I want to see Demonic Cults and Druid Cults, Shamans and witches… the skys the limit really.

currently, Primal Rage is in the alpha stages of development(so a lot might change in the future depending on feedback)

Mods currently loaded on the server (this might change is well in the future, see the discord for more up to date info)

Emberlight Lament
Roleplaying Mod

Steam Collection link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1609787633

What Tribal Mods does?

Primitive Tribal Mods I aim to be a conversion mod, currently it takes all the original armor out of the game and introduces ‘Loin-Cloths’ for all base armor stats.
The Loin-Cloth’s when learned from the feat will unlock a light, medium and heavy version… to suit all play styles.

All the world has taken on the appearance of a primitive setting, NPC’s have been dressed down to just Loin-Cloths, even some creatures have been affected by this

Chest, Foot, Head and Hands slots are purely cosmetic to decorate your savage warrior, with necklaces fierce warpaint and masks and wraps.

Removed Epic Tier for now(Personally wanna see how this goes I always feel the game was more challenging and world more of a threat with regular armor)

Weapons Massive WIP - you will notice some new weapons in-game, I hope to replace each tier with its own primitive counterpart.

Building’s Part WIP - I have made 3 build sets for the game so far, thorn root. Branch Bark and Slab Stone…

Crafting Stations WIP - no work was done to crafting stations at the mo… I’ve still scratching on what to do with this segment of the game, one of the reasons I released the server in an alpha state to get some feedback and ideas from the community.

General guidelines of play, what we expect from players to ensure everyone’s fun.

*This is not a ‘hardcore’ pvp server… this is an RP-server with pvp elements, so if you’ve come here to ‘just’ for pvp… then you’re on the wrong server.

*I will expect people in local chat to remain in character 100% of the time… there are no exceptions to this. if you want to clear up any misunderstandings you or your character might have just type with brackets for example ((I’m sorry I didn’t understand that))

*I expect players to have thought at least a little bit about there character in terms of personality and a little background story to define their character traits.

*Have fun… I want people to be as creative as possible when it comes to characters backstories, RP and building.

To find out more about the server and mod progression, join the official discord https://discord.gg/S9EdHhJ