[PC Server] Fazed and Confused-AgeOfCalumitus [2xH/2xExp]

• 70 player slotted server
• Max Player Level 120
• Custom Dungeons
• Custom Hub
• Custom Kits
• No Wipes Planned
• Mode:PvPvE
Building damage is turned off in the weeks and turned on in the weekend

✦Server Rates✦
• x2 Harvest
• x2 Exp

• DyeMoreBetterer
• Emberlight 1.1.9
• Less Building Placement Restrictions
• Pickup+
• Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.11
• Pythagoras
• Stabilise Camera
• The Age of Calamitous
• WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
• Better Thralls v1.4.0 (Pickup & more followers)

•Discord: hTPE7GX

•ServerTitle: Fazed and Confused-AgeOfCalumitus [2xH/2xExp]
•Map: Exiled Lands
•Connect via Steam: steam://connect/

Here is a little guide on how to add a server ip to your steam favorites

1: Open Steam
2: In the upper left corner click on View
3: Click servers in the drop-down box
4: Click on Favorites
5: Click on ADD A SERVER
6: There is where you add the IP’s (make sure you don’t have a space before the numbers)
7: The Servers will now show up in game in the favorites tab