[PC Server US East] PvP - Ittie Bitties 3X - Fresh server - New Player Friendly

Hello fellow exiles!

Ittie Bitties 3X is a relaxed PVP server with RP rules of engagement. (Roleplaying your character is not necessary, but rules of engagement is encouraged. This server started up fresh May 28th. There is a max player slot of 20 at the moment, and will be increased as needed. There are about 10 active players as of now.

Server IP:

3x EXP
2x Harvest

Base damage is set to prime time 5pm to 11pm EST, weekdays and weekends.
Gods are disabled at the moment unless there is enough demand
Purge is enabled

Respect everyone on the server
No building around lore or blocking entrances or passageways
No Griefing or camping dead bodies