PC | Shattered Relics | Serious/Heavy RP/PvP | 18+

| Shattered Relics |

| Who are we, what are we about as a community

As a community, we are a diverse make up of gamers and role players from all walks of life. Our chief goal when creating Shattered Relics was to provide a space for those who appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to their role play, and who enjoy gaming within a mature and like minded community environment.

Founded by a group of friends who have gamed together and role played together, the staff and administrative team has the experience in both management and understanding of creative works. Combining the formula that is equally parts experienced staff and leadership, and accepting of community feedback, Shattered Relics strives to set itself among the best.

We believe that at the end of the day, we are only as strong as our community base. It is the players who make a community what it is, and we value our players.

| About our Conan Exiles Server

We are a serious-heavy, text RP/PvP server.

Why did we go with text

In our experience, text allows people to fully immerse themselves in the character they are creating. Not everyone wants to use their voice, nor does it always convey the level of depth that a well thought out post can. However, we are accepting of all levels of role player, new and veteran alike.

Why are we 18+

It is important to us that we create a space that is safe for character expression. We deal with adult themes and situations, but we also want people to feel comfortable being themselves when chatting on the discord, or interacting with people. As a mature role play environment, it is required that we restrict membership to those who are legal adults.

What does serious-heavy RP mean

As stated above, we accept all levels of role players, old and new. Being a serious-heavy RP community does make mean we strive to be elitist. This simply means that we have a dedicated Lore Master and RP/Story Line team to assist with server wide events, as well as players.

Being a serious community also means that we have a zero tolerance for trolling behavior, or any behavior that would disturb the environment and take away from our players. We promote being in character as much as possible when actually in world and on the server, and encourage folks to get out there and take a break from grinding/building to find some people to interact with on an in character level.

| Some of our major features

  • x3 XP gain
  • No drop on death
  • No off line raiding
  • Clan support
  • Limited mods, preventing excessive lag, etc
  • High quality, high power server provider

| New Player/New Clan Incentive

Being that we are a recent server launch, we want to encourage people to come over and check us out. For a limited time, we are allowing some incentives to get quality people into the community, either as clans or by themselves.

  • Level 60 boost (simply provide a screen shot of an existing 60 on a previous server)
  • Building Kit (a decent supply of building materials to get you started)
  • New Player Kit (start with a set of gear you need to survive!) (this feature will always exist)

| Check us out, joining is simple

Getting started and involved is easy, you join our discord! Once you read the rules and figure out a character name, you will be provided access to the rest of the discord community, as well as the server and mod information.

Jumping in and getting approved takes a matter of minutes.

Please feel free to drop into our discord and start your adventure in the Exiled Lands!

Discord Invite: discord.gg/pjA5qXW

Update: 06/21/2018

Server RAM increased to an additional 10gb, this allows faster speeds and less lag client side. We are already using powerful server technology, however to be on the safe side, the implementation of additional RAM was important to us.