PC- Siege & Stronghold PVP [EU] New Server, Dedicated hosting

Siege & Stronghold is a new server looking for players to join it’s community, we are a new server which is hoping to create a strong community of players. If you are looking for a reliable server with an active support team we hope to see you soon. Server Discord also open to community so drop by and chat with us!

Server Info

  • 2.25x Harvest rate
  • 2.25x XP rates
  • 2x NPC Damage
  • Thirst and Hunger halved
  • 45 slots
  • Wiped 09/02/2019
  • Restricted Building destruction times (Evenings)

To search for our server please look for: (UK/EU) Siege & Stronghold (PVP) Fresh Wipe 2.2x XP/Harvest rates

Kind Regards
Cuddleydeath (Admin of Siege & Stronghold)