PC: Stat Unitgraph

Hello everyone,

Once I start my game, it launches with the following activated:
-Stat FPS
-Stat UnitGraph
-Stat Soundcues
-Stat UNIT

This happens before even a server is selected as you can see on the picture. While I can turn them off, it is quite annoying. Any ideas?

It seems to be the interface of some performance monitoring software.

Check the software you have installed for this purpose and change its options to set it not invading your game space :wink:

I think it’s launching CE admin commands to monitor performance, posibly the changes are in some .ini file, but I am no tech and cannot tell which.

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these are ingame features accessible by all via the ingame console. you don’t need to be an admin to access them. no additional software installed.

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@Ignasi do you by any chance have any ideas what could help with my issue or which file could be storing these settings?

Hey @Narelle

Could you try typing DebugInfo in the console and see if it goes away once and for all?


Ohhh, DebugInfo as Admin solved it. Thank you, Ignasis.


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