[PC][Steam/Epic][PVE] Kitten Me Gamings - Conan Exiles

Hello all!

Come join Kitten Me Gaming’s Conan Exiles PVE Server. FRESHLY WIPED FOR 3.0 UPDATE

We are a gaming COMMUNITY that has a Conan server. While we have passion for Conan, we have a greater passion for gaming which includes many other games. We want everyone to enjoy our Conan servers making it yours and hopefully, grow with us and play all sorts of games!!
Server settings:

Slots: 30
Exp: Default Setting
Thrall/Animal breaking: 2x
Harvesting: 1.5x
Drop on death: Inventory only
Purge Difficulty: 5```

Hosav’s UI
Improved Quality of Life

Admins do not involve themselves unless requested by player base. You can find us at our various pages, including discord, at kittenmegaming.com where you can meet our community and read our server rules which will be enforced.

Server Name: Kitten Me Gaming - PVE Exiles
IP Address:

Thanks for checking us out!!

Get in while the gettin’s hot! About to launch our Siptah server soon!

We just got some mods back on our server!

Hosav’s UI
Improved Quality of Life

We have an event running for horse racing and other events in the works!! Come check us out!

Siptah Baby animals are now scattered across the Exiled Lands. Find them, defeat the parents or grab them and run!

Aardwolf Cub, Antediluvian Elephant Calf, Siptah Rhinoceros Calve, Crested Lacerta Hatchlings, Island Lynx Cubs, Jungleclaw Cub, Mountain Lion Cub, and Turtle Hatchling

Join Nesingwary on his Hunt in the Exiled Lands. First location is provided, but you will have to find him if you wish to continue the journey. (edited)


Currently running 3x harvest for 24 hours as reward to our players (Normal rates are typically 1.5x on our servers)

Player market is now open, public map rooms near all obs run by the players, for the players :smiley:

Wall climbing event currently running!