[PC] The Banished and the Damned [PvE] (Age of Calamitous, RP, Mods)

Settings: Pve, Age of Calamitous and other Mods, Farming Rate x3, no Decay



  1. No insulting other players and no harrasment
  2. No blocking of other players or resources; all construction must have a purpose and fit the setting
  3. No using of exploits or bugs
  4. Character names should fit the setting and must not be offensive

Goal: Let us rule the exiled lands together!

Current Mods:

  • Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.2.0
  • The Age of Calamitous
  • Glass Constructions and more…
  • Map Room Teleport Crystal
  • PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot
  • Emberlight 2.0.5
  • Fence Gates
  • Better Thralls v1.5.0 (Pickup & more followers)
  • StraysStayDry
  • Pythagoras
  • Pythagoras Support Beams
  • ELI_armors and dual weapons only
  • Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.3.4 (1.0 compatible)
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions - Only Restrictive Areas Removed
  • NumericHUD
  • other mods may follow…
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