[PC] 🔥 The witchers of Hyboria [Level 300 | Safe Gameplay | Foreverlasting Server | Improved Quality of Life | Pick up everything you have placed | More followers| PvP | PvE | DEDICATED SERVER | Relaxed ) - NO / EN - Join us : )

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This is an active and dedicated server which will be up without risking your time.This server is new, created sunday 23th feb. You are free to play as you want as long as you dont cheat/troll. You can get killed in combat, and will loose your stuff if you lost the battle. Damagebuilding is enabled, but no purges.

Are you looking for a server to be a part of from the very start?

Survival. No god mode, no cheats. 18+

Community: Relaxed
Max Clan Size: 5
Server reset: Monday and Thursday 4am CET (UTC +01:00, Oslo)

  • loot dropped on death
  • All regions allowed
  • Anyone can loot
  • Purge: Disabled
  • PvP buildingdmg: Enabled
  • PVP: Enabled
  • language: English, Norwegian. All languages are allowed

Direct connect:

IP and Port:

No password required. Just click enter


  • Lets you pick up everything you have placed
  • Better Thralls: can be followed by more than 1
  • Level 300
  • Animal Taming Cage
  • 6 thrall followers, all gain experience
  • Lets you create your character as you prefer: Improved Quality of Life
  • Fashionist: Select the look of your armor. Give your armor the look you like best
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Welcome one and all!
Are you new? We can help you learn.
Are you experienced? Maybe you can teach us.
Eigther way, come have some fun.

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