PC - Timeout before loading the mods list - Press A to continue

“Press A to continue” on PC is different now. It no longer appears during querying the mods list, but already before. When the timeout finally happens the game still doesn’t know the proper mods list.

All in all it takes about 20 minutes to connect.
The game client never uses the resources available. 1 of 8 cores is used, 3 of 32 Gb RAM used.

  1. Try to connect to a modded server

  2. The game times out during querying the mods list.

  3. “Press A to continue” – this happens on the PC edition

  4. Try to connect again

  5. This time the mods list is checked

  6. The game restarts with the required mods.

  7. “Press A to continue” – this happens on the PC edition

  8. Try to connect again

  9. The check this time is FAST and concludes : the proper mods list is loaded. YAY

  10. The client connects to the server and the game can be played.

This might better be served as being post d in the bug report section.

Also, if i was going to be forced to wait 20 minutes, I wouldn’t use the auto mod downloader at all. I would just manually set up my mod list and order to connect to the desired server. Easy to do using the launcher, or you can access the text file itself (mod list.txt). If you play on multiple servers, then just copy and rename your modlist.txt as desired whenever you swap servers (whichever is named modlist.txt is the one used).

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Mods are in flux right now. Especially during these weekends after 3.0 one may see a few releases on an afternoon. I’m already juggling text files, but the mods list is constantly outdated.

I’m fine with updates. I handle them, with a text editor. The flow of the game on launching is very unwieldy. Mods are gift, I can’t demand this. Just this game is 100 Gb, handles billions of triangles. And makes a mess of the mods list.

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