(PC) Torment D&D RP | RP-PVP:

Torment D&D RP | RP-PVP:

Torment is set in the mysterious lands of the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons and Dragons experience unlike no other and we have been running consistently for a year and a half. Unlike most other roleplay servers we have absolutely tonnes of content for you to engage in, with researches to increase your power, unique and custom magical items. 60+ races to choose from and roleplay acquired races such as Celestials, Devils and Half-Dragons!

We have an extremely active community and continue to look for fresh new players to come and join in on the fun. We pride ourselves on our high quality customer support team who are extremely approachable and friendly as well as our immersive roleplay environment and tools which will truly make you feel as if you’re part of the world and are able to progress your character through roleplay with our amazing systems.

What we provide:

  • Free mastery for all first characters!
  • Exciting content for players to engage in long term, including researches, magical items and a whole range of other fun content.
  • Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Forgotten Realms, homebrewed lore that is easy to pick up, understand and learn even if you’ve never touched DnD in your life!
  • Wide range of unique races, classes and subclasses which makes your character specific to you; granting you access to powers, spells and abilities that only you possess. Be an omnipotent spell caster, a berserking barbarian, a trickster rogue and so much more.
  • A quick and simple whitelisting process to ensure you can get onto our server and play within the first ten minutes of joining.
  • Balanced and actively expanding PvP meta that is balanced by our very own Funcom testers.
  • A powerful server box with dedicated protection and regular maintenance to ensure you are getting the smoothest experience possible.
  • Regular competitions where you can win art commissions, character miniatures, peripherals for your PC and even unique in-game custom skins such as weapons and armor.
  • Custom Torment mod in conjunction with an assortment of community favourites.
  • Large server narratives which are run by our dedicated Dungeon Master team with unique rewards and character development.
  • Our very own Wiki with all of the information you could possibly need.
  • A quick and responsive ticket system to ensure our player’s get the best and quickest support available from our active staff team who cover all timezones.
  • Charity drives, we recently raised over $3,300 for the Able Gamers charity.




Looking for an rp server to join. Wondering if i can get a discord link if you have one! Thanks

Here you go: