[PC] UI suggestions

  • Add a hotkey for repair! We don’t need buttons taking up UI space that say “Give” or “Take”, especially since they don’t even have hotkeys. I shouldn’t have to hit “More” to get to the most important button in the game.
  • Add the option to disable “double-click to transfer”, at least for stashes. Many times I’ve “lost” items to random stashes because I accidentally transferred them when rearranging my inventory.
  • On that note, double-clicking right-click should not cause a transfer. When you hold shift to split stacks, if you click too fast it will transfer to the stash if it’s open.
  • Please let us replace items in the hotbar that are currently wielded. It’s annoying when you have to close the inventory, unwield, then replace the item.
  • You can’t right click the map put a marker down where the player icon is. This is annoying when you want to mark the exact location you’re currently on.
  • The Stove doesn’t autostart when you click Craft; you have to manually click the Play button. This behavior is inconsistent with other crafting stations.
  • In the wheel of pain, there needs to be an indication on the icons of which thralls are complete and which ones are still in-queue. A good solution would be to hide the icons of the thralls in queue from the inventory.
  • Nowhere in the game does it explain how to tame animals. For starters, an “Interact” context popup when you get near small animals would help.
  • When you type text into the crafting filter, it resets when you close the inventory. It’d be nice if that stayed until cleared(for when you are trying to gather up resources and forget how much of each ingredient you need)
  • Currently some hotkeys have to be edited in the config file. Add them to the keybindings menu. E.g. the “Loot all” hotkey.
  • I wish you could hold ctrl and hit a hotbar key to craft more of that item. Currently you can only craft more when the quantity is zero, or if you drag the recipe to another slot(which takes an extra slot).
  • It’d be nice to be able to sort all feats by level, descending, for when you level up and would like to see what you’ve unlocked for that level.
  • The Journey page should autoscroll to the Journey you’re currently on when you open it.
  • Bug: Using shift click & drag to split a stack, then hitting Enter causes the Escape key to not work(to close the inventory) until you click the mouse somewhere.
  • Bug: In singleplayer, if you drag an item to the shaded part of the inventory, the item disappears and can’t be recovered.

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