PC Update (13.03.2019) Optimize those buildings and Contest!

It’s really up to you. It’s fine to just do the exterior (depending on what your reference picture looks like). Naturally we will judge by how close that building is to it’s counterpart.

However, we will of course also judge if someone puts extra effort into adding the interior according to the reference they work from. It does not have to be functional. It’s really up to you regarding how close to the actual reference you want it to be.

Let’s say the Eiffel Tower in itself is already impressive and probably quite difficult to replicate so we wouldn’t judge if there is no interior added :wink:

On the other hand, a fairly simple exterior structure might be much more interesting because of it’s interior setup/design.

So, ultimately it’s up to you and depends on what kind of reference you work with :slight_smile:
I hope that helps!


Thanks for the patch, optimisation is still a fine thing ! :+1:

And i look forward to see lot of great, amazing, and beautiful creations very next.
Happy building to all !


Grease orb doesn’t keep fire going anymore.

Well, this looks really fun! I sadly won’t be able to compete on this one. My all day play days are over. I just acquired a real life building project that will dominate my time for the next 3 months, but I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

I think we should have either this or a new thread dedicated to all the creations, but only after the contest is complete and prizes awarded. Everyone is going to put a ton of work into this and that work should be seen by all, for more inspiration on how to build our next bases. The game I was addicted to before I discovered Conan is Wurm Online and they have a thread dedicated to all the amazing buildings people have created. Just awe inspiring what folks have assembled over the years.

I’ll be honest with you though, the placable artwork is by far the best prize. Anyone can buy server time :wink:

Such a great contest!


Best wishes to you, @sirvink, and I hope your RL building snaps together as well as in CE :slight_smile:

See your welcome contributions in a few months.




Hey folks! Just a quick heads up that we rolled out a hotfix for PC. It’s a crash fix related to the new building optimizations that we previously rolled out on Wednesday for servers only. The fix has now been integrated so it works in single-player as well. There are no patch notes.


Impressive support, what are you feeding your dev team? :wink: You guys are doing a relentless job there! :+1:t3:


Shadespiced Kvikk Lunsj



Had to look it up. Makes totally sense to me! :joy:
Imagines big guys with glowing eyes in front of their computers

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Since the hotfix this afternoon our private server is having low frame rate and high ping. Usual ping is around 40-50 for the Brits(Server is is London) and 70-80 for the Europeans. Server FPS is 60, hovers near that. After today’s hotfix. The server fps is between 20-30 fps and ping is jumping into the high 300’s. Nothing else has changed our end bar the hotfix.

So out of curiosity, since mods are not allowed, nothing built would not be able to be built on the consoles. Will the contest stay open long enough for us console players to get the parity patch and try to take on some of the amazing builders in the PC realm? Or will there be a separate contest for us whenever we finally get the patch? I’m not very good, but I would like to be able to at least try.

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Thanks for the patch, hope this will help these people having some crashes.


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Google translate f’d up again or does this sentence not make sense?

With no mods installed, consols can build just the same as a PC, faster even, and even with a slight difference in versions.

I just signed in here after i wanted to write this into the steam comments, but i think this fits here better

Just joined together with my GF at the free weeknd and bought it afterwards. Really like this new update and i hope there will be more optimisation updates and exploit fixes because there are some things ingame that need to be fixed like some guys on steam comment section pointed out.
I like optimation updates the most because it brings an overall good experience to new players and improves quality to the current playerbase. So thats a lot for doing stuff like that, bacause when this goes on like that, i can finally show my friends that game and first impression counts most to keep playing with them!

Right now, even when i like this game there is a lot to do i guess.

Thats the list of things that buged while playing in Coop with my GF and i hope it helps you guys:

  • Invisible Corpses very often. Especially when they fall down a cliff, roll down a hill or just sometimes at all.

  • After a log time (Several hours) a bug occours for me as client. This prevents somehow whole areas of Assets being load. The Terrain is there, NPCs are there but, grass, rocks, trees and stuff like that is missing. Then whole areas are empty till the horizon. There still seem to be collision but it looks like its server side calculated. Happened two times.

  • Delayed counter for me as client when the purged starts or is waiting for the new wafe. (Like 10 Seconds delay)

  • Sandstorm animation, like black shadows, the whole incoming cloud, Clouds themself and wind sometimes bugges for me as a client and is not shown. As soon as the storm would hit me it does on server side and calculate my damage and i will die. But everything looks as normal weather and i just die.

  • When we both interact with an crafting station and we both have the GUIs with an inventory open, as soon as the she as the server closes the GUI it also gets closed on my side as a client.

  • Pets sometimes get teleported into walls when too far away and telepoting to me.

  • Different ragdoll physics on client and server side on dead corpses result in different locations to loot the mob. Like we kill an bird on the cliff, for me it falls down the cliff for her (server side) it stays above. Seems like a minor problem, but at the beginning where we need everything, and her bag is full, we need to do micro managments, she loots, throws the loot on groundm i loot. Later in game, we have different talents or weapons to get more food or skin. Then this bug is really annoying.

  • We fall off cliffs too often because when finally reaching the top, we just fall off at the edge. We did not run out of energy of left of. Its like some edges are not climbable.

  • When respawning at a death and using our Bed in our base, we often get stuck in like nothing. We stand beside the bed, cant move, sometimes can jump sometimes not. Seems not to be a problem from near walls around or furniture. This happens in empty rooms with bed in the middle. So we need to kill ourself our rarely i can kick her out after she nearly dies. Jumping rolling doesnt really help.

  • Iron nodes sometimes don’t give even 1 Iron just stone. This doesn’t make sense. It looks like iron, so there has to be at least a bit in it. Otherwise it wouldn’t look like it so i guess it hat to be a bug.

  • At least crocodiles sometimes kill me as a client instant, without animation and not facing to me. Like it will bite, i roll to the side, it bites the air facing 100° away from me because i stand beside it. It finnished the biting animation, 1 or even up to 5 seconds pass till the next attac would be done, does not turn to me and then all of sudden, i die or get damage and in this moment the crocodile turns instant to me without even an biting animation. This has to be a bug in the animation or angle of the model. Don’t know if its server side or just me at client side and could be a sync error? Seems like not a latency problem.

  • Bulding construction is bugged very often. The selected object i want to place really does not want to snap in at some places. Sometimes it just cannot be placed when, at the beginning of the selection of the tile i want to place and the beginning of the construction routine, a model WAS standing at that place. Like my pet just stands there, want to start constructing, Pet is in way, i went some meters away and it is now clearly standing at a different place, the object i want to place just can not. Its like the position of all objects gets saved at the beginning of construction and not live while selection where to set the object to place.

  • Health bars behave sometimes strange after consuming food and it looks like loosing some health before the regen starts.

  • When getting teleported to the server because being too far away from her, i sometimes end in a wall. At least i can run through. But i don’t know it will stay like this or i was lucky. Seems like the same teleport problem as the pets have.

  • Pets and enemys sometimes attack the nearest enemy nearby, when getting attacked. Resulting often in attacking the wrong NPCs or monster who havn’t been involved. So combat situations often get chaotic because random stuff happens. The enemy can attack you, or decides to run to the nearest poor monster. Pets attack that two guys chilling around the fire, or maybe it just decides to run to the left to the big cannibal party with four guys and an added pat.

Stuff thats not buggy, but is really annoying, would be a nice quality of life improvment, or something i look forward:

  • When dead, you spawn naked. Thats ok. But when i get to my corps i have to loot my stuff again AND need to equip everything manually. First i thougt, its ok because for realism sake. But after dozens of deaths and long walkways, it is the most annoying thing in game so far which is not a bug.

You were farming nodes > Inventory as full as possible > Too much or too strong enemies kill you > Pray, you placed a bedroll nearby > Run a VERY long distance if not > Your enemy is still around > You go to your corpse > Push E > Loot all > Are to heavy too sprint, because all armour you weared before is now in inventory > Too slow, no weapon equipped, still naked > 1. Try to roll out = Energy low = Die, 2. Try to equip Fast and stand still = Hope for the best. Just make it equip my stuff automatically, like it does at the beginning, where you craft your first armour and it goes directly into the slot.

  • Pets and slaves would be awesome to give commands. Beside of Stay and follow. Examples:

Stay Passive: Follows you but stays passive even when get attacked.

Stay Defence: Just attack, when get damaged and ONLY attack the attacking

Stay Agressive: Attack nearest hostile enemy.

Attack: Attacks the enemy you are looking at.

Get back: Pet runs to you back

Stand: Just stand there.

Roam: Roams around his current position at his free will.

  • Let me pet my pets <3

  • As a bunny holder, seeing these rabbits hop at a speed of an chonker is unrealistic. You can stand beside them, could pick them up and just take them with you, they are this slow. Even when you run. No homan can outrun rabbits. They are like free kills, meat and fur, but nowhere on earth and other dimensions, this makes sense. Make them fast if alerted. And rabbit holes would be nice. They have many to hide. Even bushes. A bow is what you need and if you kill one, others must run away, because thats what rabbits do. They run to stay alive. Beside of realism, this is the easiest fur and meat you can get now and at the beginning or for new players. It’s simply too easy to get buns.

  • Yeah i know, it gets old: Ridable pets. At least some or one of them. Don’t let me ride everything maybe. A barbarian on a croc, sitting on it like a boss and you have to look downwards to him seems like not a good idea. But how about horses. There is at least a ghost horse shown in the beginning. The distances are enermous, especially when you farm. You could be shoot of a horse maybe. Let them be optional for servers or toggled with a checkbox in settings. Or when not ridable pets, let them carry a wagon i can sit in.

  • Some small thing at last: Dying brutally from minor things is dumb. Like the sandstorms kill you and BOOM you get ripped in half. Someone throws a punch at you and arms fly around lol.

Thats all i have to say for now. We just had our first purge and steel tools. So we are not far and other players pointed out good stuff to need fixed. Since you roll out optimation updates, i hope this long list helps you devs. Very nice work you do!

May you all live long and get strong.

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Aside from the bugs, here are some work arounds till they get fixed.

When a building part won’t go into place, swap to another building piece, then swap back again. Eg if you try and place a foundation and it won’t go. Swap to wall, then swap back to foundation.

If it still won’t work you can remove the previous piece you placed and then place them again. Final trick. Build around several sides of where it won’t place, then it should let you place. Not the best solution as you lose pieces then.

For iron nodes, as your equipment gets better you get more iron. Stone tools are pretty crap, once you get to iron you should get good returns. Also using efficiency upgrades on your tools will get you more. Once you get high enough in tools, you will get mostly all iron and lots of it.


Seems one or two issues still got stuck. Our wall on a modded private RP Server got…well… changed.

Edit: After another server restart, more of the wall got… changed.