PC Update 2.4 (22.04.2021) New Siptah Biomes and lighting improvements, Zath, QoL and more! Oh my!

Ahhh, I was thinking he meant the spider globes coming off the back of the new avatar. I haven’t tried the new god yet, still looking for him on Exiled Lands map.

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I understand that you can only throw a spider, right? If you roll 2 the first one dies instantly

Yes, that’s correct.


The main game has been fully released, only things unique to Siptah count as early access.


In the crafting table, the paved walkway throws an error when you try to place it.

I don’t know if this is important to you or not, but I decided to tell you about the problem. I noticed a problem on weak PCs . When playing on the average graphics settings on the Conan Exiles map, and on the original Siptah map (without new islands), there are no lags. As soon as you switch to a new islands, lags begins. On the dunes there are serious lags that slow down the game, on the volcanic zone there are not serious lags, but this problem is also present. There is a factor that you are standing on the border of the islands, turn the camera and look in the direction of the north and everything is fine, as soon as you turn the camera to the south and look at the new camps, stable brakes start on the screen. It looks like the large size and volume of textures that slow down the game

If necessary, I can record a video

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Thanks for attention.

(The smart guys will say - “buy a new computer”, I will answer - I don’t care)

(I apologize for the bad English if my text is not clear somewhere)


They shouldn’t, because it’s not a problem with your computer:


There still also tons of game-log spams going on. Tested x time without any mods, easy to repeat in singleplayer, it start stort after character creation.
I have still no explanation what’s about that. But there still hundreds lines.

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No they said previous changes were reversed.

That isn’t anything new. Try running a dedicated server and looking at the Windows Event viewer. All 500 errors a minute are dumped right in it as well as the game log. This has been an ignored issue for as long as I can remember.
Funcom simply does not know what they are doing.

Me being a sales guy… “just stop reporting errors in the log if they aren’t real problems”.

Could you imagine driving a car and having a red warning light flash every time your speed went up or down by 1 (mph/kph)? Logging for the sake of logging, to show that you are being proactive at logging… a bit much?

When things are working as intended, the word “error” probably should not be used. I won’t agree with you that “Funcom doesn’t know what they are doing”, because I am not tech smart enough to know, but I do agree that they should change some of what they are doing.

When I go buy a new laptop and specifically want a Wintel based laptop, I sure don’t want to see a sticker on it saying “Error: this is not a Mac”.

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Should read up on the patch notes on occasion then.

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My Mercedes tells me when I pass the required speed, just like you said

I report log-behavior when they change, look strange, spamm hundtreds lines or are linked to specific in-game problems.

In many games logs can be overhelming for not prepared users, that’s a fact. But they can also be more spammy than needed.
Like you said, the word “error” has still a bit scarry vibe to most of us.

And if you look what windows 10 does in the back, it’s not less scarry. :rofl:

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Oh, did they claim to fix it at some point?

We have 15 servers on one machine. This is the Event viewer.

EDIT for clarity: 15 game servers. Only two of them are Conan. This insane amount of abuse to the Windows event viewer is from only two servers. Though to be honest, you don’t notice much difference when it’s only one.

It has been like this for at least three years. And it’s not like Funcom doesn’t have a history of pushing DLC more than they work on fixing bugs. At some point they need to change their focus.

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Bloom always sucks, no matter how you dress it up. We need a setting to turn off specific lighting effects, because some of us suffer from visual impairments making specific effects hurt but setting to “low” on post processing breaks water.

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You can adjust it in the files, but yes, options are still great.

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I didn’t say they claimed to have completely fixed the issue. You very clearly said they “ignored” the problem. They haven’t been.

You know it’s been a year since the last DLC drop, right?

Unless you are referring to the expansion. In which case, people begged for years for a new map. It was easily one of, if not the most requested feature update.


pineapple pizza was more requested


and ninja turtles

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