PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

The map thing is great, before they destroyed your base and then they take your map and go to their base.

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Except that it’s very common on PvE servers for people to openly share their map room for other players on the server to utilize. This feature is now gone.


I have this wild theory, so please indulge me and read all of it, no matter how insane it sounds at first, okay?

Maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake and inadvertently introduced a new bug. Crazy, right?

Here’s an even crazier one: maybe they’ll fix the bug and map rooms will go back to normal.


You are the first person I have seen (and likely will see) that has expressed a fondness for this bug. I loved your point of view which came across as genuine (although is just as funny as a MEME). I personally play PvE, so I don’t like the bug, just your take on it. :+1:


It really makes sense what I say, in my opinion they would have to fix the map for pve and pve-c. For pvp the map is very good as it is now.

When will this be fixed?

Super annoying.


As soon as they can?


Assuming a ten-person clan, 3,000 dragonpowder per person means 3,000 demon blood, 15,000 brimstone, 75,000 crystals and 150,000 steelfire (which equals 150k tar and 150k more brimstone) if using a precision cauldron.

If you’re really collecting, processing and using all those materials in two days, you deserve to wipe a server.


If and then you wake up from sleep, hahahaha and if you could do that then a hyena would kill you and they would steal your dust :joy::joy:

All objects, elevators, fountain …

It wouldnt matter how long it takes to farm it on a 0/40 server because once you have it and transfer it to a targeted server , the same day u arrive you could probably wipe the server…


Well you should start farming now then so you’ll be ready to wipe a server by the time Funcom gets the server transfer up and running. If, that is, you can convince your clan that farming day after day on an empty server is more fun than playing on a populated server. lol, might as well be asking them to play Farming Simulator 2021. :rofl:

unless you find a much stronger clan , that ends up wiping you and your farmer clan in half an hour. lol.

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I like how everyone is pretending that people will have to farm stuff. This stuff has been farmed for years and body vaulted. Nothing new needs to happen other than start transferring body vaults and wiping servers.


Can confirm that I have not found a single spot at Mounds of the Dead where a fishtrap can be placed. Bloody annoying. If this is intended it needs to be reversed. If this is unintended it needs to be fixed. On a bright note though, love the lava damage fix and the dragons not driving followers into the ground like a tent peg.



They aren’t collecting and processing it in two days. They are saving up and going on a little "Holiday " to another server to blow it up. As a side not. The game mechanics should–IMHO–make it impossible to wipe a server in two days. But it is currently possible, because you can destroy an entire T3 building in less than an hour. 6 hours = 6 decked out bases. More if they aren’t well defended. It’s ridiculous. From my understanding buildings used to have a lot more health, but FC nerfed them because people–understandably-- complaining about overpowered Vaults (Vaults used to have similar cost to now, but an exorbitant amount of HP, so vault spam was much worse) . FC supposedly nerfed all the building’s health along with Vault heath. This needs to be changed. It should take more than 1 bomb to blow up a t1 structure, especially with how easy explosives are to get.

P.S. Noone “DESERVES” to decimate an entire server. That is essentially saying “You deserve to completely overrun everyone and ruin their enjoyment of the game”.

Exhibit A to my previous post.

Some day, someone will replace this forum software with something that allows me to select and :heart: specific parts of a post, and my life will be complete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So good.
Thanks for the update. :smiley:

The thrall damage nerf by 50% is also very good. :ok_hand:


Um. Maybe a noob question, but what is quick looting, if something else than loot all?