PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread


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Thank you for poitning this it, it has just been corrected:

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Maprooms are no longer usable by people outside of the clan that owns them on PvE Official. Is this intended?


@nokosa Funcom are checking:

It seems that the issue affects elevators and potentially fountains as well.

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reserved as exclusive food to tame ninja turtles


This is a bunch of BS, just tested my T4 Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker and she wont perfom a combo, actually not more than 1 hit, shes fresh from the whell, placed her into the world with 2.4

It was noted on the forums since day 1 of 2.4 testlive, that relic hunters were still broken, guess they ignored the feedback AGAIN

heres the proof, dont just take my word
YT Vid

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I can confirm this! this is BS!

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Just noticed that the Isle of Dawn has no LoD(Level of Detail) enabled or missing. If you look at the Isle of Dawn from an elevated point I get 25-30 fps. If I look from the same point at Isle of Dusk, I get 75 fps.
This should be looked into.

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How about the bug that sets T4 named thrall’s endowment slider to zero? Has it been fixed?

That Must be Very important haha. Sorry i could not resist haha.

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The person writing these patch notes need to get an high five asap, nifty little jokes to be found here and there.


Is there a link to the FeatID’s? Not sure where to look.

It’s not important, but this bug is like couple of years old…

The feature is currently not working on live or so I was told but you can check the FeatIDs by logging as an admin and hoovering over the feat.

And who made that pirate walk the plank slingshot thingy, guess what i died, largest jebaite ever :rofl:

Screaming and medicating as we speak! :smiley:
(thought this update was days away not Now)
Best wishes to all the modders. Hope the coffee is strong and fortified, the other denizens in your caves do not disturb, and things go well. My players are already screaming at me 'cause the servers are down. I can only imagine the ‘fun’ in discord and this channel.

Huge congrats to the Dev staff on getting the update out. Some of my players are playing unmodded, solo and without issues. I shall be patient…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Loving the darkness is Siptah map, and the stars twinkling is awesome!


One thing, many ironchests are just empty, i was first on server so noe one open them before


Please fix access to map-room and elevators, you can no longer use a map-room or elevator owned by other players. I really don’t want to see a map-room at Sinkhole for every clan and player in the game.