PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

pineapple pizza was more requested


and ninja turtles

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Actually, custom maps were requested far more, but the most requested feature has always been optimization. The game has not been optimized for so long, and the rendering is optimized about as well as OpenGL 1.0 was.

the perfectionist in me is indignant!!!

Horses are still getting stuck getting out of the water.


Hey eldonofuncom,

See below reply:

You can always post details (location, map etc.) for this issue in the above thread. Make sure to state whether you are making any interactions / have anything decaying in your inventory. Try to cross the river without making any interactions as well.

Note, this specific patch did not state any fixes for this issue, unlike this patch:

After which you and players in above thread appropriately reported issues. If it is not again included in patch notes, it does not need to be reported again, as a fix likely has not been attempted with said patch -unless said fix is missing from patch notes-.

Thanks for the update, however, I spoke too soon anyway. It wasn’t mentioned in the patch, but it does appear that I can get out of the water now while on a horse. So something was changed since the last patch, even if it wasn’t documented as such.

@Community Was there a fix made to the horse getting out of water in this patch that wasn’t documented?


Good catch :blush:

Thank you for pointing this out. Just added it to the patch notes.

Apologies for leaving this line out.


still little too far on the crystal clear side, but I guess it stays that way


Maybe I missed it somewhere, but was there any fix to the journey step “Defeat a surge enemy”, not completing?

Hello , thank you for the fast update :smiley: kindly appreciated , i would like to ask if there is a plan to fix the “Follow Distance” currently not working as it was before the 2.4 update ,The Followers currently each time the server resets and you interact with them they follow you really close and often they do an extra step forward ending up pushing you or blocking you (fall to my death many times), this is kinda sad cause i have to set up the follow distance ranges every time i log in and i do it for many followers its exhausting , please help :(. Thank you very much if you read this :slight_smile: .

So yeah, how about we do something more about mounted combat vs players on the ground. Still getting “one hit” killed by lances/ spears. You could, oh I don’t know, disable combat on horse back and have them as they were proposed to the community as just a travel mechanic.

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I think its fixed man, I got it when I was fighting Yakith on the pools


I looked over the thread, and don’t see anything about it(sorry if I missed it), I was wondering if you guys have been told about the clothing textures being severely broken since the more recent large update. I did make a thread when bug reports forum was still listed as such, but never saw any information on it.

@Erithan It was reported in the modding discord and Funcom have acknowledged the issue.

It means that Zath Priests will spawn in the game or just you need to sawn them as and admin?

“Spawn tables” means that they should spawn normally in the game wherever there’s a priest spawn for one of the factions they mentioned.


What is an Invader priest spawn exactly? been looking for a zath priest on exiles map all day

Invader is the siptah version of relic hunters.

I’d imagine killing the exile camps on noob beach and sinners refuge for zath priest on exile land.

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Have like a feeling that they will be mainly purge-priests. Could be wrong. :woman_shrugging: