PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

Jhils Roost-Höhle wo ist?

Jhil’s Roost is part of a series of caves that contain the large vulture-like creatures, and is in the same vicinity as the Black Blood tools, lower left quadrant of Map Block H10.

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Thank you!

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Ofc i will, but if i do that it’s my own stupidity. Not like now, you do not have a choise, just keep finishing your attack and fall down^^.

Read above at OBS.

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I’m sorry, is someone else using your keyboard/controller? Just like you press a button to dodge, so you press a button to execute an attack. Both were your choices.


thanks for the update, in the next one could you please fix the must be placed on walkable surface bug? placing thralls on foundation pieces and this comes up all the damn time.


Is anyone else having issues where followers get stuck and just decide to reset their home to wherever they get stuck? Resulting in them just wandering further and further from the property?


Guys, for the love of God, please fix this audio bug I have almost every single time I open the game :weary::weary: I load in with no sound, to the point you guys are going to start getting 2-3 bug reports a day every time it happens. Please :confused:

Yes, makes much more sens than frozen points. :sweat_smile:

Every time you patch I need to go into the DefaultGame.ini file and disable the annoying splash screens. Isn’t there a way for you guys to allow us to keep this off?

Also after all this time we still have to see a sandstorm in our castles… I have a fully closed building and still see my hair blowing at mach 2 and can’t see anything even with no windows. lol

Don’t change the default ini files. Go into the Saved folder and change the ini files in the config folder in there instead. Those don’t get reset with updates.


I second this!

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Is the Achievement ‘The Gem in the tower’ fixed in this update?

Funcom, please, release a news note too! Not just announcement in a chat or in a forum only.

Is that actually supposed to be released at this point or is that supposed to be for an upcoming release for the upper levels of the Tower?

Well I was under the impression that it was for getting all map location’s on isle of siptah map from some sources.

I’m not 100% that location/area exists yet to get 100% completion.