PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

Hey all,

We’re keeping track of the performance issues after tomorrow’s patch in this thread: Performance and stability issues after June 2nd patch - Feedback thread
Sorry for the headaches, we’re working on a fix we aim to release in the upcoming hours.


I found a new bug on Siptah, one of the scrolls/journals of Siptah in the Ruins are stuck underneath the ground, but the interaction button/notification is still showing up. In C10 overlooking the shoreline.

I am trying to complete the whole journey steps, and I can’t complete it now due to this.

Even in ghost mode/admin powers, you still can’t get it, even if you go under the mesh.


thx its work good

Where is the journal #9

Webp.net-gifmaker (1)

TeleportPlayer -346891 26507 -10713

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Thanks Funcom for the speedy recovery.

I shall try to play Conan today and will report back shortly.


This patch broke my dedicated servers again, they are restarting every 10 minutes or so.
They also did that this morning until there was a patch around 13:00’ish CEST, after that the servers worked fine until this patch was released, so now they are back to restarting.

For those still experiencing issues in private servers, could you try this workaround we shared in the feedback thread?

Issue seems related to SteamCMD and we’re currently looking into it.


I deleted Appmanifest_443030.acf earlier today and and it downloaded new files so I thought it was a patch, it worked ok after that, but when this patch come it was messed up again. When I deleted the file now it downloaded files again and its now working. Hope you fix it before you send out a new patch then.

There is no DefaultGame.ini file in the Saved folder. Should I simply copy it in and mod it there? I deleted last post by accident that is why it’s similar. :slight_smile:

Game wont even open/load for me…super disappointed…

We are aware of this issue and the team is currently looking into it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while the team investigates.

Cant join server 1977 (sever where i play since january), other server work fine but 1977 i got stuck in loading screen forever.

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Good morning. I have not been able to enter the official server for 2 days. # 1977 remains loading and cannot enter the server. I do not want to lose my things that with so many hours I gather and assemble. Any solution ?

me pasa lo mismo.

I have problems connecting to the exile (Latam) 1977 server for two days. I sent them an email and I have no solution about it.
Then they will tell me later that everything was erased???
when the problem was caused by you with a bad update…
I am not the only person with this problem. I wait for an answer and solution in this regard.

I forgot to clarify that I have 773 hours invested in the game.

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By today, you mean right now? When will the client catch up to the server patch?


Clients arent picking an update, server patched

that’s on valve

In MS store or Xbox app on PC getting error code 0xd05e0108 while trying to update today.
Same on 2 different PCs.

Not getting an update on ms store, any fix for this ?