PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread


Did you check if the NPCs Toilet Door in Sepermeru are working?.. Well that could explain… Aehm… Nothing… Nothing at all.

  • Choosing “Loot All” when choosing your corpse will now send and/or automatically equip all your belongings back where they were right before your quite possibly embarrassing death.
    this dose not work
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Just remember peeps, Isle of Siptah is still in Early Access. There will be bugs. Just report them as usual. If too much of a stress-zone to play, then, as with any other early-access game, sit back and wait for others to play-test and come back in at go live end of the year. lol


read the patch notes. in there you will find why this error.



Great! And those are…‽

I’m very happy, just updated, then pushed my save from the testlive client to standart client, installed my traditional base modlist, launched.
All fine, everybody is here, so far all is doing well. Of course had not the time to run over all the map and visite all places, still pretty good impression.

Happy ! :yum:


Can we get more info on what this means?

Probably the dragonbone armors at Sinkhole and the silent legion armors at Black Keep.

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Offline mode dont work .


I know, I’m being lazy and a snob, but after a couple thousand hours in the Exiled Lands, I don’t really want to have to scour the map for obscure additions :wink:

Highlands biome looks dead and grey. Gone are the blue skies and beautiful colorful sunsets. It looks like y’all practically took all saturation and contrast from game and made it overly bright and dull.

Да братан!) И мы должны смирится с этим). Современные игры требуют этого)… сам в шоке). Пришлось удалить две игры для этого).

I cant use the teleport map of other players

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Okey, sorry. My first thought of 2.4 was like “oh nice this is going the right direction now finally” shame on me I had so wrong.

Like how can you even consider making it impossible to unequip and equip a weapon and instead making u stuck on the same spot for the animation to finnish? That wasnt what people asked for, they asked for some kind of fix for the 2nd hand animation like u did with throwing axe, tourches, shield and so on. Not like this.

Suggestion, keep the change for the 2nd hand weapon, but go back to the old unwield change. Because this is to be honest, an awful change.


Its been like that on base map since 2.3 we released. Even had a couple of tickets on it.

Broken water/fishtraps… lost track how many times this keeps getting broken…


Pretty sure they are meant to be fully submerged. That was change…like a year ago now.

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…and I’ve been using non fully submerged for quite a while, even when Siptah first launched.


Gotcha. I’m probably just misremembering then. Thanks for the confirm.