PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

I was thinking that they were to be full submerged, too. But I think @Biggins is right. I think they can still be partially submerged and still work. Now if they would just fix the decay rate of fish, that’d be golden.

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ya, the whole river from frozen lake to sperm lake right now is broken when it comes to fish traps. i haven’t tried other bodies of water yet (i.e. mounds or oasis by the Den).

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Have just started up my servers with all their mods loaded (some not updated today), and so far so good - no crashes or other issues. New content is completely amazing. The Funcom designers, art dept, devs and testlive testers are amazing!
Those new sunsets and landscape views on Siptah are incredible.
Any issues will be reported via standard reporting channels as with any other early-access game still in development.

And when you said Dark, you really meant it. Excellent! :smiley:

on a side note… Exiled Lands is looking really good right now. Not that it never did, but bravo Funcom. Game just keeps getting better overall.


Probably already reported - but maprooms cannot be used by people outside of clan anymore (Unofficial PVE server)

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Why?? This is so bad, if you fight close to an rock edge, or on a bridge you can/will fall down because of this. Give me a good reason why we cant stop the attack anymore?

Because people use it to perform much faster heavy attacks than intended. Someone who does not know about this exploit going up against someone who practices it regularly leads to unfair and unbalanced situations.


If you fight close to a cliff or on a bridge and you dodge in a wrong direction, you will also fall off.


They can still be placed on foundations like this.

No problem on my side.

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where to learn a new religion, where are the priests for it in the lands of the exiles?

Great patch Funcom! :smiley:
But now it’s impossible to sit on a chair. If you try you obtain this:

(The animation is broken and you character start to shake)

Other bug… When you swim and you try to go on the beach sometimes the animantion is broken and you stuck between the sea and the beach shaking like an idiot.

Thrall bug…well they act more strange after this patch and in the new biomes sometimes the following thrall stuck in some place with no reason. The only way to resolve is go to the thrall and palce him/her in another point then give the order to follow.


Holy fishfield! LOL

I guess full hazmat is the only proper gear :biohazard:

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And add pb on crafting for recipe legendary T4 armor and weapon reparation kit, its not possible to craft this item

This is Funcom speak that means, “We know it’s broken, but we will probably never fix it”


Right, because they treat all the bugs the same way. There’s absolutely no difference between a high-severity no-workaround bug that affects the majority of the players, like this one, and a bug that affects a small number of players and has workarounds.


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This… this is why I’m on this forum…

Wow the new lighting!
Looking forward to trying out all this new stuff.

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Consistently, I have success just building a flat floor to place my traps on, just like you have behind you in that screen capture. I never place them on natural ground now. Gave up that mini-game of frustration a couple years ago.