PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

I am not noticing reduced dps from my thrall, at least not a 50% reduction

Awesome! YAY!

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Yeah, would be nice that the healing animation or effect gets interrupted when the character is in a hazardous zone.

So you removed the only remaining benefit attached to the Healing Waterskin? Bravo! First the healing waterskin… healed… too much. So you completely nerfed it to the point that calling it a healing waterskin is laughable. But at the very least it still remained a viable way of healing bleed.

So now you nerfed that too. After adding in OP bleed weapons that drop like candy.


thank you for all the fixes

Pls fix offline mode it dont work anymore. ii go to offline mode on steam and try play game single player but its say , network service dont work and i cannot play offline . Sorry for me english

@Mixik It works for me with steam in offline mode:

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Well then good for you it dont work for me i dont know why , before 2.4 it work and now dont.

Can you take a look at this thread here and confirm whether you followed the exact same steps? Make sure you click on “launch” instead of “continue” in the launcher.

I done that , like i said before its happen after update 2.4 . Before this update funkom lancher never show for me and i was able to go offline mode now i cannot.

It is not translated.
No DG is translated. Not for Brazilian Portuguese.

Caution contains spoiler!
Private video for these purposes only.

I really want to understand the story and take every detail, and if possible in my mother tongue

Did you let get to the main menu one time with internet? After updating.


I play in the Exiled Lands.I love the new look, specially water and sky. I wonder why you have changed the path of the moon .
I would also like the reason you have translated the emote “lean” as “delgado” into spanish; the right translation is “apoyado”.
Thanks for the hard work.

Well, not actually. The moon rode from west to east, and sun from south to norh - from Earth perspective, I mean -. It is true that now is better, anyway.

As I see that someone is listening now, allow me to suggest you to add a new feature: enable the possibility to assign performers to music instruments - mix some craft animation or so -. That would be astonishing.

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No offense meant to the localization team, but this is a funny, funny mistake. I can understand how it happened, though, as the adjective “lean” means “delgado” :smiley:

Reminds me of that commercial for English language courses, where the guy translates “repollo” es “rechicken” :grin:

(Again, no disrespect to the team, all in good fun.)


Lean as in thin?..lol

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Yep, that :smiley:

I appreciate the updates, but I wanted to point out that I was a little annoyed with the fact that these changes came as a x.x.1 revision patch without warning…

these thrall nerfs and herbal tea changes, while I welcome them, were annoying because they were tossed into a revision patch with no warning and they have a MAJOR impact on PvP.