PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

I think its fixed man, I got it when I was fighting Yakith on the pools


I looked over the thread, and don’t see anything about it(sorry if I missed it), I was wondering if you guys have been told about the clothing textures being severely broken since the more recent large update. I did make a thread when bug reports forum was still listed as such, but never saw any information on it.

@Erithan It was reported in the modding discord and Funcom have acknowledged the issue.

It means that Zath Priests will spawn in the game or just you need to sawn them as and admin?

“Spawn tables” means that they should spawn normally in the game wherever there’s a priest spawn for one of the factions they mentioned.


What is an Invader priest spawn exactly? been looking for a zath priest on exiles map all day

Invader is the siptah version of relic hunters.

I’d imagine killing the exile camps on noob beach and sinners refuge for zath priest on exile land.

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Have like a feeling that they will be mainly purge-priests. Could be wrong. :woman_shrugging:

I haven’t played Siptah lately, so I can’t confirm this, but these sound like regular spawns, based on the wording. As far as I know, “Black Corsairs” and “Stygian Invaders” are some of the factions on Siptah. But again, I can’t confirm that right now. Maybe someone with the dev kit could chime in?

My bad, was thinking EL, yes in Siptah i got several in camps.

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For the Isle of Siptah, I love the new darker nights. However, the day is too bright.
For the Exiled Lands, on Official 1513, day is way too bright, see below, this is during a sand storm:

Even after the sandstorm, the day is still too washed out:

Has the brightness issue in Exiled Lands been passed on to the developers?


Agreed, basically whiteout condition inside a base.

Agreed. Exiled Lands seems a bit washed out now. Especially inside bases with lighting.


I dunno about that sandstorm, but over on Siptah the brightness is alright, it’s just sometimes an immediate haze in the air that I wondered about - which is gone now after adjusting a setting.

I noticed EL was too bright/saturated to. I found going into video settings and changing the gamma from (I assume default) 2.2 to 1.8 fixed the glare and made the colours warmer. Just throwing that out there for everyone.

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Disabing the ‘Volumetric Fog’ really helps a lot, on the graphics. However, when you vist the beach at Siptah its crazy bright. Even if that opt. is turned off :frowning:

I hope they will fix it soon, in the next update.

Oh, boy, stronger spiders are not good for my arachnophobia… Especially since we no longer can get ichor from the fish…

@Sielgaudys Well, if you can locate salamander or komodo dragons, they offer up ichor, too.

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Can harvest plenty from scorpions :wink:

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Thanks man, gotta test this on SP!