PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

Consistently, I have success just building a flat floor to place my traps on, just like you have behind you in that screen capture. I never place them on natural ground now. Gave up that mini-game of frustration a couple years ago.

Ya, I typically do that as well. But prior to laying out foundations, I wanted to see if I could even place there, and, nope, can’t. Same bug as we had when Siptah launched on the rivers.

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Where in the lands of the exiles are the priests of Zath?

Is it possible to find out the answer to this question?

Lol I’ve never ever fallen off a cliff because I didn’t animation cancel, maybe you are whining too much :man_facepalming:

Awwww yissh!
That means now when I find my corpse and loot all my stuff back, my inventory will look the same as before death? Somehow it always bothered me that it puts my equipped weapons first, then the armor in front of the inventory and at the very end my other gear on my hotbar.

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something I did not find not what

I don’t understand?

there are only spiders, no NPCs that can be made slaves for the altar of Zat

Oh my bad. The trainer is supposed to be there, don’t know about the priests

and there is no possibility of a screen?

I just can’t find it at all((

I’m on PS4, I don’t have the update… Just passing the info that were already on the forum :slight_smile:

is there a link?

Only the one I already posted.

Hello.Thank you to your team for the update. I looked through the forum after the update and didn’t find any information about it. Or is it my technical problem, maybe I don’t understand something, please tell me - " in conan now nuclear winter?"

Playing with gamma brightness at 2.0

Playing with gamma brightness at 3.0

In an open area or in a new sandy biome, it looks more or less, but with a brightness range of 3.0. Nevertheless, the sky with a gray haze is as if there is an industrial zone nearby with pipes and the release of pollutants into the air. Please tell me, is it now such a lighting in the game and I will have to play this way, or is it some kind of technical problem on my part… or is it a problem with the lighting settings in the game itself ?

Thank you to your team for the massive update!!!.

First Impressions and Little Bugs so far:

  • Some new Pirate NPC Camps have Big Ladders that force you to use the New Climb animation, you can not “run up” on them. Is this Intended?

  • These New Ships (all of them) on the East Side of the New Land. It’s hard to climb up. because at the Top the game trow you 99% back into air and you fall back down to the Water… HGJTUUIGKHGKHKGHKJ (Self censoring)

  • i assume the Water become muddier to save some FPS on PC and Consoles. Perhaps adding an Option of “Mud/dirty” Water and “Crystal clear/old Standard” Slider on PC could made someones happier. Same with the new Fog on the New Land. But this is just me

  • The Maelstorm is not visible on the Map (M) anymore. But its running. Perhaps someone forgot to activate it back on the Map again

  • These LoD (Level of Detail) inside these New NPC Camps… Give these Map Builders a raise. It is very lovely :slight_smile:

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can you tell me where the slaves of the priests of the new religion are in the land of the exiles?? And when to wait for an update with fixes?

Some are on these New Ships, some are in these new NPC Camps. Look around and you find them