PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

They’re asking about Exiled Lands map, not Isle of Siptah.

Seems like Harpagus the Hatcher is missing his dialogue, text and audio. This is on an official server.

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can you pm his location to me? or a screenshot of where he is?

Can I assume this is a fix you’re working on right away, and not one of those things you’ll put off for the next major patch 3 months from now?


How is a Drawbridge affected by not owning it? Honest question, I’ve never used one. Are you saying it cannot be walked across when it is in the down position unless you are the owner? Or, that someone from another clan cannot open/close it. If it is the latter, I would hope that is intended.

Has anyone figured out a good way to force a thrall to eat now?

Like if I want to apply the Growth Chance buff. I used to just move the food in the inventory, the thrall would eat one, and Growth Chance % would be applied.

Now I can’t get them to eat more than the first one.

The good news is that I’ve been able to make a thrall eat a food item by placing it in his inventory and right-clicking on it. The bad news is that, for some reason, this doesn’t apply the growth chance bonus.

@Biggins @Palm522

reported this in test live. reported again recently. both times along with a nearby t-posing ghost.

video in recent post shows location. teleport player code in the test live post.

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I’d join that clan.

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The plateau above Bonebreaker Ridge, I5, to the east of the Spider Boss.

Who ever suggested to bring items with you from one server to the next must be given the award for #1 worst ideas in the history of gaming.
This will be the worst function ever introduced to conan exiles and will probably kill the game more than any of the bugs/glitches/exploits that we have seen before.
Please rethink this character transfer thing.

Maybe transfer only the character but bringing loot also is a joke. I can farm up 30,000 dragonpowder with my clan on a 0/40 server then bring it to any server we want and wipe it in 2 days …

WOW 30,000 Dragonpowder!!!
Is that what it takes to wipe an entire server? So, how long will it take you to farm up 30,000 Dragonpowder? I guess it depends on whether or not you try to do it solo. So let’s say your whole clan helps out (all ten of you). 3k per clan member will probably take you the better part of a day, at least. But wait, you can’t transfer servers again yet, because Funcom put a cooldown on the transfers for PvP. Well, let’s pretend it’s only a 24hr cooldown for the sake of this narrative. Besides, after all the effort your clan has put into farming 30,000 Dragonpowder, I would say they’re entitled to cause some serious havoc.


When you get to your new (target) server, while still scouting, 3 of your clan members get jumped by a previously established clan and lose their precious inventory. A few hours later, while still setting up your base, you get raided by another clan who just transferred into the server and had a similar goal. Your clan now makes a move to retaliate, however, you find that clan has moved your precious loot off server. This doesn’t sound like the end to me, sounds like the beginning of something great.

And so the cat and mouse game begins…Bring it.

Ark survival evolved is a sandbox pvp focused game with a lot more maps and servers with full inventory transfer and then some. It has a fairly healthy population and does just fine. I think Conan will be fine once the dust settles.

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Ark has a player base 5x larger than Conan, the PvP player base on Conan is a small number compared to PvE/RP/Single player. During raid hours almost every PvP server is dead. Its just bad game design to be able to farm up on dead servers, migrate to a populated server and wipe it. This game is already such a grind between getting good thralls (then leveling them up) farming, getting good weapon recipes etc.

The thought of doing all that when some dude can just farm god favour on a dead server, move to my server. shove an altar down infront of my house, and god me off the map isnt what i think of when i think of PvP.

There are so many restrictions that need to come in to TRY to balance this nightmare. I could get my clan mate to create a new char on a server, randomly appear on a server, raid someone, give my friend the loot and then have him transfer it off the server. GG the poor clan that just got (probably) offline raided.

Aside from that, its pretty borderline P2W if it goes through as they are describing. There are weapons and armours on Siptah that are just better than things you can get on Exiled Lands. Being able to farm up a bunch of weapons on a dead server then transferring to Exiled Lands and having an advantage because you bought a DLC is also bad game design.

Beastmaster Teimos is just a god of a thrall that deserves a huge nerf to damage and its leveling speed. Its so easy to farm and its so good that its just a bad idea not to get a box full of them to take with you to Siptah.

The special dogs of Siptah (Brutus, Aries, Tor etc) are also incredibly powerful and significantly stronger than any pet in Exiled Lands.

The feature is just a bad idea for PvP.


Well, I would make suggestions for PvP server transfers as PvP server transfers concept only. PvE, PvE-C and private should not have the same set up as PvP since we have less issues than PvP servers have.

Having separate rules seems fair to me.

I think none of the people who support this transfering loot from server to server have ever probably played pvp servers and dont understand that this would mean every pvp server will become even more dead than ever . There will be no such thing as pvp home servers meaning the only people playing servers will be server wiping and going from server to server just terrorizing people. I played as a server wiper and i see how drastic it would be for the community and would force 80% of pvp servers to move to pve-c / pve . The remaining 20% would just be server wipers who are looking to have wars and then transfer and hoard loot to random dead servers to hide it inside glitch underwater ice vaults where the loot will never be moved or taken from them because they are unable to be destroyed in the current version of the game . All of the casual pvp players will leave and have to go to pve servers :confused:

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I know this is going to sound stupid, but can someone explain to me how to do this?

I’ve tried every way I can think of to quick loot, and my gear never re-equips itself.

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It doesn’t work on a server only in single-player. They need to fix that first but basically walk to your body and press F :woman_shrugging:

As a note to resolve some confusion. This worked BRILLIANTLY on testlive and I loved it. I was disappointed to find that this didn’t seem to work in the live 2.4 patch. I guess something happened and the changes didn’t end up getting pushed into the release stream?