PC Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

Ahh… so change probably did get pushed. I only tested TestLive in Single player. Please fix this as soon as possible FC, this is an AMAZING QoL addition. Also… thanks a ton for decreasing building piece crafting time and increasing elevator speeds. It’s literally saving my life… the maproom bug tho… that’s a BIG problem on officials ATM.

Did your weapons you were holding when dying end up still in your inventory? I got everything back except those ones. The hotbar left their place blank, but they are in my inventory.

Huh, interesting. I never encountered that problem on TestLive. When I tried it it put everything properly back on my hotbars.

Sorry, I didn’t say, it is present in live, I don’t have the testlive client.

I definitely see this as a problem as I am a slightly more casual PvP player. The only thing I would add though, is that I would go to an Unofficial PvP server, over going to PvE.

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yeah, but in Ark you can’t just go willy nilly to any server. It needs to be in the same cluster. Which means that you’re pretty much limited to a group of maps from one host. Comparing that to what Conan is putting together is basically apples and oranges. They are not the same.


Personally I don’t think it’s apples to oranges. Besides that since the feature isn’t implemented yet we don’t know if it’s going to be limited to clusters or not. This would be a good time For us as a community to come together and let funcom know our thoughts on it in an orderly manner instead of making it a big ■■■■■■■ contest of who can spray farther.

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it is,.

conan implementation is different thatn ark, so yes it is indeed apples to oranges,

you will be able to move among any server , as long as you are following the rules, if you are on a pvp server you can move to pvp, to pve-c , pve, or unnoficial, (no restriction) now if you move to lets say a pve server, you cant move to a pve-c or back to pvp, only to pve , or unofficial , and if you move to unoficial, you will not be able to play ever again with that toon over official servers, (this illustrates what they want to accomplish)

funcom is NOT implementing a cluster like they did with ark,

what i do recommend is and i hope funcom is reading, to stablish a long (2 or 3 month cooldown) to switch to another server, so once transfer are enabled , you can link yourself to another server, in pve no need to set cooldowns for traveling between those servers that are already linked, but add a very long cooldown to switch already linked servers, so if you are lets say in 6157 to 1930 (both are pve servers) allow freedom of movement between the two, but if a player wants to move to another Exile land server or siptah server, he needs to wait for the long cooldown to go to 0 before he can switch one of the linked server into another one, this will allow free travel, but prevent abuses , i am not sure if its a good idea to allow transfer among the same type of map, (exiles land to exiles land) the purpose of the transfer is to allow people to play multiple maps, not the same one.

i will also recommend adding an additional tab to the event log, called Transfers ,that when consulted tells anyone on the server , where the new players come from, this information could be vital to avoid abuse specially over pvp servers, so you know where they come from. if player starts from scratch, no need to put a note in the log, but if it comes from another server, people should be able to see where they come from, (this will bring peace to player already in that server)

Maprooms no longer work? Well, I guess that’s one way to force people to play the DLC map. :grin:


The map thing is great, before they destroyed your base and then they take your map and go to their base.

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Except that it’s very common on PvE servers for people to openly share their map room for other players on the server to utilize. This feature is now gone.


I have this wild theory, so please indulge me and read all of it, no matter how insane it sounds at first, okay?

Maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake and inadvertently introduced a new bug. Crazy, right?

Here’s an even crazier one: maybe they’ll fix the bug and map rooms will go back to normal.


You are the first person I have seen (and likely will see) that has expressed a fondness for this bug. I loved your point of view which came across as genuine (although is just as funny as a MEME). I personally play PvE, so I don’t like the bug, just your take on it. :+1:


It really makes sense what I say, in my opinion they would have to fix the map for pve and pve-c. For pvp the map is very good as it is now.

When will this be fixed?

Super annoying.


As soon as they can?


Assuming a ten-person clan, 3,000 dragonpowder per person means 3,000 demon blood, 15,000 brimstone, 75,000 crystals and 150,000 steelfire (which equals 150k tar and 150k more brimstone) if using a precision cauldron.

If you’re really collecting, processing and using all those materials in two days, you deserve to wipe a server.


If and then you wake up from sleep, hahahaha and if you could do that then a hyena would kill you and they would steal your dust :joy::joy:

All objects, elevators, fountain …

It wouldnt matter how long it takes to farm it on a 0/40 server because once you have it and transfer it to a targeted server , the same day u arrive you could probably wipe the server…