PC Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

Hey @Valkyrja

Are you playing with any mods installed?

If so, please be aware that right after an update there may be stability issues until each mod is updated to be compatible with the latest game version.


I had someone off forum explain this. I did not realize this was going to be available on all servers. My first thought were DLC’s were only available to those that have them, however I was reminded that someone who paid for DLC x and made X weapon and gave to me, I magically could see and use it. (I did not connect those dots until just now. Thanks for that.)

Yes, this is a big problem for the internet as a whole.

Out here in the rural communities, there are many if not every internet user in particular towns and surrounding communities that can’t even get DSL. (DSL has a physical distance limit between customer and the expensive DSLAN {I think that is the correct acronym} equipment oh the phone company.) So they are now stuck with in-the-air technologies. I.e. Satellite.

For these people I will often recommend a windows 10 LOCAL user profile (non-microsoft login) and pay for the non-subscription versions of office if they need them. The main reason for this is the latency these people experience is so high that the Microsoft validation servers timeout the requests.

This is not an issue for the first 20-30 days, but if they never get a successful validation, either their software reverts to an unpaid version or doesn’t even allow them to log in.

I have no idea what to do for these people after 2025 when Windows10 is no longer supported and windows 11 that requires a Microsoft account (presently).

It will be interesting times indeed. (Maybe by 2025 Starlink will be the mainstay and everyone will have gigabit internet.) (I am just now getting these rural people moved over to Starlink. At least the ones that can afford the $500 equipment fee.)


@Ignasi - I forgot the client has mods. Once removing the mods, I was able to get in the SP game.

I am now testing the mods one at a time.


Another 60 GB update?
You have seriously got to be pulling on my leg.

I am not going to pay an addition $120.00 (U.S. Currency) it will cost me in overage charges to do this again.
Every time a big update drops, it costs me way more than this game cost (not including the DLCs).

I have already forked over way too much money on this and to tell you the honest to God truth, this is not worth it.

I’m done with this.

There seems to be a problem with the saddles - someone already posted (don’t remember if on DC, or forum) that the Turanian Cavalry saddle is void of colour. I can confirm that the Aquilonian Scout saddle also seems to be suffering from the same problem:


Hi @Haamre

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The team is aware of this issue and they are currently looking into it.


Thanks for this, modded private server back up and running. This’ll make my mom and kids day.


Might I suggest, yet once again, that the devkit be provided to the mod creators at LEAST a week in advance BEFORE updates? I believe Funcom underestimates how many of it’s customers play on private, modded servers and we ALSO purchase DLC’s. This effectively shuts down many private and modded servers for hours to DAYS after these updates.

Thank you.

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it is, so you can stop ranting


Using game pass to play, went into it and it started the download but failed. Only giving the option to play installed or to purchase for 129. I’ve already purchased the downloads, so what to do now?

Take your computer with you and go to a friend or at work with a big internet connexion.

Where do you live? What country?

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Download isnt the issue. It’s just not giving the option. Does it want me to pay for what I’ve already purchased?

Yeah, I’m here to whine about the file size too…when I ran out of disk space and canceled the update, the total size of the download folder was 100 gb for a 60gb download, with CE already taking 90 gb, and now when I’m reinstalling completely, the download is only 70 gb total.

So you’re better off reinstalling unless you’re sure there’s space for the extra hundred gigs.

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Looks like a similar issue as being reported here:

I’m going to move your post over to this thread to keep it in one place.


Starlink is a life saver. Unfortunately it sucks for those having to wait to get it. I have two family members that have been in pre-order for months. I was lucky and got in on the Beta over a year ago. My lake cabin rips through downloads now, even faster than my house in town.

All that aside, I am looking forward to this patch and DLC. Looks like a lot of great things in it and as always, it is nice to see Funcom taking some great mod features and adding them into the base game. Our mod developers are rock stars.

I don’t know…maybe I should be posting it here?


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60 GB. For the opportunity to take back a piece of the building into your inventory. Previously, this was done by a mod with a size of 800 kb. Great job, developers!
Just leave Conan Exiles alone. Have you released the Island? Dig in there. Take it out as a separate application and patch it up with your own patches as much as you like. Anything you did wrong in the original Conan has been fixed by the modders. But you, with your unnecessary patches, are constantly breaking these mods. I paid for the game - I can’t play it comfortably. Because YOU are constantly releasing patches.

I k ow it has been explained 1000000 times, the patch is not just writing the actual patched code, but any code linked to any of the new or “fixed” codes as well.

Think of it as an engine. To repair piston rings you have to take apart the piston and other things the rings are in. Even if you are reusing those parts they have to be deconstructed and then reconstructed with the new rings.


Just a quick follow up - not sure if it’s related, but it does seem that there’s something wrong with the texture rendering.

After killing some Siptah Rhinos, running away, then running back - it seems like the model textures would be removed:

after killing object:

after returning: