PC Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

This I can confirm. It is not only the thing we talked about that you have to press the Sprint button again to disable it, but sometimes - mostly during fights - the stamina goes down even you do nothing, and pressing sprint button doesn’t change anything.

Official pve1340, unlimited progress, unable to play in one day, please solve it, thank you

I noticed that one-handed swords can end too long in animation. you cannot break it off. I didn’t notice it before the patch. maybe that has something to do with the stamina.

Reposting Multigun’s finding here.

Temporary Fix - Pythagoras Support Beams (and other affected mods out there)

This is a temporary fix to resolve mods that for whatever reason want to be special and not load their Mod Controllers after 2.6. Fix is provided by a Funcom dev.


Conan Exiles uses a new optimization technique to improve mod load times, and for whatever reason, various mods (such as Pythagoras Support Beams, but there are others that I do not author that are also affected) want to be special cookies and not load their Mod Controllers. Thus, the temporary fix is to disable that optimization. Naturally, this will increase client load times back to pre-2.6, but it will ensure mods are properly loaded.

Single Player/Client Side

  • Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to ----> Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Open Engine.ini and add the following lines, and then save and close. [/Script/ConanSandbox.SystemSettings] dw.UseModControllerCache=0

After this update so much Servers crashing everyday more than on times. Why i cant find infos about that from you funcom? Are you working on this???

Hi @Krem222

If you are experiencing performance issues on our official servers, please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

This is all related to this patch.

  1. Crenelated Walls + Fences do not break climbing
  2. It is not possible to build on top of the gates (ceilings), making the challenges of anti-climb on top of a gate difficult/impossible. If you draw a straight line using the top of the gate with anti-climb, you need to make a break in it at this point and since you can’t put the celing behind the gate, you cannot attach a fence for anti-climb. Maybe have a front/back to the gate and the back can be flat? I don’t really care for the gate awning on the inside of the gate anyway (personally). If I want it on the inside, I’ll place 2 gates back to back, like I do with all the rest of the DLC.
  3. If you are placing awnings back to back, a Left awning will fail to place if it’s not the first one placed. (to replicate, place awnings back to back, try placing them left first, then right first, swap…
  4. When replacing old materials, especially the inverted triangle roof piece, it will sometimes destroy the old item, if it’s connected to something above, it will break what’s above it, consume your materials but not place the item. It seems if you’re using an inverted roof as support, the check for if it’s a support is applied before deletion and if there is any server hiccup during this transition, it’ll also destroy the item to be placed.
  5. The frame with the small window does not stay on your hot-bar after you’ve run out in your inventory.
  6. Returning building pieces to your inventory doesn’t add them to your hot-bar.
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After this update the officials server crashing everyday. Where is the HOTFIX? bring a hotfix! Tell us what is wrong! why we must ask about this?

New patch is out on PC.


So… this patch fixed the Nemedian Crenelated fences not dealing damage, but the normal Nemedian Fence doesn’t get fixed? wut?

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Continuing a single player game doesn’t have the black screen anymore, but is still freezing on loading screen. Selecting “Launch” and continuing from menu still works to get around it.

These might be unrelated to this update (PC Patch 2.6.1), but strange things are starting to happen.

  • I put over 500 fibers in my horse inventory, and he ate almost everything in an instant (I couldn’t repeat that).
  • Purge attacked my oldest base from inside (in theory, because in practice I have empty space inside without foundations and that’s where the attackers showed up). Purge never attacked me like that, attackers always came from three points around.

If this happens again, I will write a proper :bug: report. :loudspeaker: :+1:

I am happy with each update, the previous one was great, the return of animals to the Isle of Siptah has brought the game to life. :heart_eyes:


Hey! thanks for fixing crenelated walls!

Fences still don’t break climbing.


1 - Nemedian Crenelated Walls Fixed - Fences not fixed! We need consistency across different DLCs.

2 - Returning building pieces to your inventory doesn’t add them to your hot-bar. PLEASE FIX!

3 - The nemedian gate frame is just a nightmare , the double-awning thing is a platform for jumping, really messing up attempts at clean anti-climb. To properly anti-climb it you have to build a box around the top section of the gate, and/or vary the height of walls so you can slap anti-climb at every single level far above and to the side of the gate, since people will be able to stand on that awning no matter what!. Could you just make that part of the gate have no clipping, so you just climb through it, but cannot stand on it?

… would be great if every gateframe had built-in anti-climb as soon as you get above the door.


FYI Isle of Spitah command a follower journey step still bugged, making this very difficult for new players to progress

Folks, I have a question and in need of help. I don’t know if this is from this update or not, however, i have noticed, that the detail quality of buildings and placeables changes and turns into lower quality one as i walk away from it a certain distance, then when i walk back towards it - level of detail improves to where it looks good again. Now, I understand that is normal, but, it is happening way too close to my character to a point where its visually unpleasant to see interior and exterior objects go low quality 10 feet away from the character spoiling the whole graphical appeal of the game - What setting and wich .INI file can I tweak to increase that distance of higher level of detail render? The settings in graphics don’t change a thing in that regard. Thanks in advance for any advice on this.
Best regards!


Try to adjust post processing…I think that is what it is called.

Did we get an update here? Steam says it was updated earlier today?

doesn’t work… it must be a setting hidden in a config file somewhere…■■■■■■ me the hell off when i walk 20 yards away from my structures and they switch to low lvl of detail right infront of my eyes…Hope i find info somewhere on how to increase that distance

you’re saying nothing can be tweaked to fix that? p.p. i noticed that when i change my field of view, i add negligent distance to those LODs going bad etc. like…banners stop rolling with the wind etc aswell, so thats part of it too. downloaded a “real ultra settings mod” .ini file that makes other things better, but doesn’t fix this issue :frowning: