PC Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

no, scalability has nothing to do with spawns
but single player mode has it’s share of inherent issues

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hmm, I put down the settings you suggested in engine.ini but still same issue… I walk away from objects and placeables and after some distance they still switch to low LOD level.
Am I doing it right, i should just paste those lines in after [systemSettings] ?

it’s not gonna disable other LOD levels (that would be insane), just scale distance at which they kick in, it is by default ‘optimized’ to 1-2m in many cases and things like quality highlands grass effectively stopped existing in game even at highest settings

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Not sure if this is similar issue to what @Balrog is having. But at a distance, my pillars are showing through the ceiling pieces. Get close and they aren’t showing. Never noticed this issue before, but I don’t use pillars very often.

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Yeah its similar, go to any world placeable, barrel, building, and see how well detailed it is up close, then start walking away from it, and you’ll see the changes happen. I undestand why it happens, but my wish was to extend the distance at wich it started happening, so when i stand in my base, for instance, i don’t see low level of detail objects a few ingame yards away from me… its ridiculous to run a game at 4k ultra settings and have to see that clunkiness. All my tweaking i can’t seem to extend that distance. It always goes to poopy low level of detail the same distance away from the character.

How much VRAM do you have on your system while running on a UHD settings? That’s the main thing holding me back from going full UHD myself.

rx 6800 with 16gb, prior to that had a gtx1070ti with 8gb,but that one was getting 30-35 fps wich was no good. Vram usage is around 6gb. so its not the vram thats the issue - chip speed and clock, memory clock etc…

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