PC Update 2.7 - Discussion Megathread

I wonder if anyone has ever had an update through the XBox app on the PC? I have to completely re-install every time which chews through data caps if you have them…

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For real? Im sittin here since hours waitin for the update. Can anyone confirm that the xbox app dont load the update and i have to reinstall the game?

The current suggested workaround for those not receiving the update on the Xbox PC app is to reinstall the game, yes. We realize this is not an ideal, sustainable solution, but it is the only one we can recommend at this time. I’m sorry for the trouble this may cause, especially those with slower connections or data caps.

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Bah! was hoping the Yamatai and Khitai saddles were fixed as well as the Yamatai Heavy Chest piece

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I am very happy with the attentiveness you have shown towards the progression of this game. I have bought all DLC and LOVE the Dragon Pack.
I LOVE the building Pick Up update. I Love the no rain inside update.
Thank you Funcom…
Very unhappy with saddle fixes. Most of the saddles do NOT have reins and the greyed effect bug was an improvement on the colors. It seems like the horse gear was unfinished and only a bug made them better. When can we expect to see “color options and reins” for saddles ?

  • Many are asking for the " Grey Effect" back. Get that it was a bug but there are no options to change Horse gear color like humanoid armor.
  • Why are there no reins for most saddles ? Looks very incomplete and lacks immersive enhancement.
    ok, I’m beating a dead horse here…lol.
    Hope someone (Funcom) gets this.
    Thank you for letting me give feedback.

and I was just waiting for the texture of the heavy samurai armor Yamatai

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It is still possible to scale stormglass gates and climb onto them and over fences. You can climb up a stormglass gate and either stand on it or hop through a crenelated fence without them ever making you fall before you reach the top.

Was addressed here and supposedly passed on to devs


gonna give it a go. Event Sounds fun. But with that said, I predicted 9n the hints thread a CoD/RDR zombie mode. And technically that is what this is.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The team is aware of this issue and they are currently looking into it.


Hi @deathbutter

This issue was passed over to the development team and they are looking to fix this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Maybe not all of them were adjusted, I have my base in the crevice on an official server (EU) and since 2.7 there has been no rain inside the cave.

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Hi there! Just letting you guys know that rain still falls in through Sloped Stormglass Roofs. Not sure if intended or not! Unrelated to current patch but related to Stormglass in general, inverted sloped stormglass walls are still busted/not placing correctly.

Also from a Twitter post I assumed the Grave Matters NPCs were unable to be knocked out and recruited. First one didn’t budge on the KO bar, next one I tried… well he’s in the wheel now lol! “Boreanaz the Shrouded” - Overseer.


Picking up a doorframe or a hatch frame doesn’t return the door or hatch that was in them.

I am seeing some weird behaviour around picking up building pieces now. Placeables like chests, bowls, torches, are losing stability that have nothing to do with the foundation or wall that I just picked up. Chests seem to be especially vulnerable to this problem. I was outside my building, not even close to the building to make a mistake and mistarget through a wall, but when I picked up a couple of foundations, items inside my base lost stability. I didn’t even find out until about 5 mins later I went back inside and saw the missing pieces.

Can we maybe get real eyes for white horses too whilst at it? rather than just their hair o.o i noticed their eyes were actually their hair when looking at the not fixed Khitai saddle

Could Funcom please release the patch on Game Pass.
This is the second patch in a row where reinstall is the only option.
And it takes hours to download, so its two patches in a row now that game night with my friends was cancelled. And it’s not easy for parents to get game nights with 4 friends.

Please fix this!

I understand that, but they should make sure that it does not happen.
At least not two patches in a row.

Ammeg we have a private server, Siptah map and the events are spawning there.

I’d also like to say to the devs that I am back playing (on private server) after a long hiatus. I’m loving the changes to the game and especially the continue button in the launcher. Thanks for the improvements to the game.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Could you please create a bug report over on this forum section? PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

This way you can add all the information you’ve gathered and we can pass it over to our development team.

Thank you so much for helping us with this issue investigation.

Hi @Ammeg88

Could you please create a bug report over on this forum section? PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Also if you can, please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Thank you so much for helping us with this issue investigation.