PC Update 2.8 (26.01.2022) - Follower Emotes, Server Queues and more!


Currently known issues

  • We are aware Microsoft Store users may not see patches downloading and installing automatically. The only known workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Unfortunately this process is out of our hands, but we are pushing for a fix to it.-


  • Fixed a number of crashing issues. This should result in better game stability.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash after starting a coop game.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause rain to affect performance significantly.
  • Fixed a number of crashes in the EGS and Microsoft Store versions of the game when downloading mods.


  • Fixed a number of exploits regarding stamina consumption and undermeshing.
  • It should no longer be possible to place fence foundations too close to each other by exploiting building mechanics. Read more about this fix in this separate post.


  • Added new queuing system when joining a server. When attempting to join a server that is currently full, you will automatically be queued.
    • New UI elements now show your queued status, as well as your position in the queue.
    • Two new server settings have been added to control this new feature: EnableLoginQueue (default True), and DisconnectionGraceTime (default 180, in seconds).
  • It is now possible to assign emotes to followers!
    • Humanoid NPCs can now generally play any of the existing player-learned emotes.
    • Scattered across the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah, you can now find new interactables that will unlock new emotes you can assign to your followers and pets!


  • The Nemedian Frame will now leave a ghost item when the last in the stack is used up.
  • Stage floors should now be possible to place next to door frames and fence foundations.
  • Raised the Large Campfire and all Tanneries up slightly to make them flush with the ground when placed.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to Gate Frames losing stability when placed under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a number of building issues reported during the Testlive period.
  • Fixed a critical issue that caused placeables to lose stability under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed a number of issues that caused some feats to be missing after learning them under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue where left-hand sided attacks from a mounted rhino would not cause damage.
  • Fixed a rare issue where thralls would remain in a state where they could not attack nor get attacked under specific circumstances.
  • You asked, we delivered: The ranged attack of Spitting Spiders has now been fixed and your nightmares can finally be fueled from a distance. Other ranged creatures have also been fixed, but they are not as terrifying as Spitting Spiders are they. (Edit 2022/01/26: Added mention to other creatures as well. Reason: Missing from patchnotes)


  • Mammoths now rotate in a less janky way.
  • Shaggai Horror pets now have a projectile for their ranged attack.
  • Rhinos should no longer moonwalk out of combat, probably making this the most sad and disappointing patchnote line since the potion of endowment nerf.
  • NPCs should no longer move when performing ranged attacks.
  • The Undead nations of the Sanctuary of the Serpent signed a treaty and thus, Undead Archers and Undead Hyenas should no longer attack each other. For now.
  • Fixed additional issues where thralls and NPCs would spawn with XX_Unarmed in their inventory.
  • Kraxus will now spawn where he’s supposed to at the rate he’s supposed to, the Bastard.
  • Thralls should no longer randomly fall through Nemedian Hatch Doors.
  • Thralls that have been knocked down should no longer forget their guarding location.
  • Thralls should now be able to engage with giant enemies correctly, instead of getting confused at the complex concept of a straight line.


  • Fixed an issue where the Purge would spawn inside Treehouse bases.


  • Gold nodes should now require a minimum of 2 chops instead of 1, to avoid Exiled Cryptobros making this the new gold-seeking fad.


  • Replacing a building piece will now give you back the piece if it is at full health, or the equivalent dismantle materials if the piece is damaged.
  • Swapped the input mapping when using bows with a controller to be more intuitive. You now aim with the left trigger, and shoot with the right trigger. A new setting lets you use the old system (“Invert Bow Controls”).
  • Wheels of Pain can now be picked up if they don’t have any thralls in it being converted or having been converted. (Edit 2022/02/03 12:05AM. Added to patchnotes. Reason: Missing)


  • Khitai Scout Saddle should now show the correct colors.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent an NPC to show up if a mod saved data onto it and such mod was removed from the game by the player.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to stop controlling movement while hanging/climbing under specific circumstances.
  • Unlocked fast travel locations should no longer be lost when transferring servers.
  • War Sickles should sheath correctly now.
  • The Sandstorm should no longer kill players in the Broken Highway if they have not crossed it yet, or if they load in that area while a Sandstorm is ongoing.
  • Some hair colors showed incorrectly. This has now been fixed. #abouttime
  • Fixed a number of issues in regards to the Server Queues system reported during Testlive.
  • Addressed a number of issues reported during Testlive related to the Follower Emotes system.
  • Fixed a visual issue found during Testlive where certain NPCs would have missing torso textures.
  • Fixed several issues found in regards to Grave Matters. This includes changing two of the event NPCs’ class from Taskmaster to Priest. (Edit 2022/01/26 9:20PM CET. Reason: Added details regarding fix)


  • Fixed a number of visual imperfections across Siptah locations.
  • The Scorpion Den will now evict players that log out to the start of the dungeon, and will respawn dead players there as well.
  • We let it go and it should no longer snow inside the Temple of Frost.


  • NPCs should now play certain threaten emotes when engaging or about to engage a target.
  • Pieces that are picked up and returned to the inventory at full health should no longer show dismantling animations/debris.
  • Did we mention that we added new emotes for followers and pets?


  • Bravely pausing their hourly wheel of pain sessions, our #spellchekker team fixed another round of typos and grammar errors. Since there will probably be more typos out there that they missed, they’ve gone back to their mandatory exercises until further notice. #stillhiring
  • Stamina should no longer show less than 0 on the GUI.
  • Stormglass gate frame can no longer be climbed and mantled.
  • Health of a building that is being repaired should now update immediately.
  • New icons have been added for the new follower emotes.
  • Added new UI icon for thrall inventories.
  • Full servers now show their queue size on the server browser.
  • Added new filter on the server browser to filter results based on queue size.
  • Updated the credits section of the game.