PC Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

Do gotta say, for as critical as I have been of this patch, the follower emotes are nice and a welcome addition.

I would like to use more thralls to populate my base with those new emotes

Not been able to play since the update,i get a failed to launch notice,saying i may not have permmission.i have followed all steams advice and instructions,including restarting my PC,but still no joy.i try to launch conan using the funcom launcherstill no joy, tried launching using conan sandbox and right clicking and running as administrator,still no luck, have tried on my laptops as well as my desktop still no luck.I always get problems for about a week after an update then its all fine again,but not this time.

Hi @hsmith1 :slightly_smiling_face: welcome to the forum

Did you also verify the integrity of your local game files over Steam? Because that does the trick for me after every update. Sometimes I even have to do it twice between patches.

RE- PLACE, take the piece back. You get the piece back or IF DMG, - You get material as dismantle back.

Patch 2.8.1 is out.

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Anybody here?

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I’m not sure if it was mentioned here before,
but since I found and learned the new emotes the ‘score’ and ‘spit’ emotes are missing from my emote wheel and I am unable to relearn them at their POIs.

I’m playing on PC/Steam. Do people on other platforms have this bug too?

  • You asked, we delivered: The ranged attack of Spitting Spiders has now been fixed and your nightmares can finally be fueled from a distance. Other ranged creatures have also been fixed, but they are not as terrifying as Spitting Spiders are they.

Thanks guys! Seems to be working now! Good job!

any news about 2.9 patch?

New server-side patch released.


Thanks guys and gals!

Hello developers, you can find out why after your restart my servers where I play 6055 and 1213 simply do not show, they are simply missing

Try checking the “Show Invalid Servers” box. Though I run a modded RP server, and not official, one of our users had to do that to see it in the list.

To be honest, I checked the box, but the server is unsuitable to show and no one plays on the server and the server has a Ping of 9999

I hope to recover after restarting the server or my databases will disappear

Never mind …… meanwhile I thought I heard something. But … My dog ​​made noises. He’s been snoring lately. Crazy!


(Sorry if this is wrong place to post)
I’m a bit curious about the future if the game will ever recieve a QoL-bugfix pass?
like the direct connect popup, when pressing tab after filling in the IP it selects the box for the password, instead of placing the cursor in the password field.
or opening a looted body and taking everyting, now you can’t close the lootwindow by pressing E anymore and have to press ESC

Will Thralls ever get the slight intelligence to use a truncheon when the player is trying to knock out a target instead of going bananas with their main damage weapon? especially now since it seems we can’t change thralls weapons when in combat.

Will roofs ever be fixed so one can walk/stand on more then the regular sloped roofs?

Will building get any love? it’s a pain in the neck to build especially roofing if it’s not a square building,
with the inverted roof wedge being especielly odd requiring a stable ground on its tip instead of its sides. or how stability can differ when building is built mirroring itself.

Or the un-explodabe meterorites thats been an issue for how many years?


Happens literally every major update for the past 5 years…

Well, Yes very seriously. Building’s been selective terrible since I started playing some 3-4 years ago, with the same problems being a nuisance for building. Unable to rotate walls, unable to place walls, needing to build a ramp sideways and remove it to be able to place a new in the correct way etc etc.

And for those few examples I mentiened also has been around since I started playing.

I’m not trying to crap on Funcom or anything, I like the game alot, but there’s just so many bugs and rough edges still after all years of patching and expansion so I get genuinly curious as to why.