PC Update (28.10.2020) - Update 2.1: Economy update, Character re-customization and Family Sharing settings

Yes :confused:

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It’s being worked on by the hard-working beasties at Funcom. Hopefully the fix will be released soo. Till then, Chill! :slight_smile:


lol yea well its always being worked on by Funcom, its them that break the game not us, they miss the mark and put out a update that broke so many things, missed things that were reported were missing on Testlive and still pushed it out broken.

Many people have and are losing weeks, months, years of work on their chars and their bases. Tell them to chill is wow an understatement.

now I can enter the server but I cannot access my character because of deleting the family loan, 350 hours lost? :frowning:

Funcom we need a solution, I want to access my character, because when eliminating the family loan I cannot access my character

FRUTAPROHIBIDA, get a new steam account, buy the game, join the server, level up, farm, … raid your base :slight_smile:

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My base is very difficult because it is at the top and I cannot access it, it is very difficult

You finally fixed elevators! Proooud! Clap Clap Now fix picking up your armour along with everything else upon death instead of accessing your body and picking it up individually! New patch and as usual break something else

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Great update I like it!

Still missing some fixes:

  • Dungeons with empty end chest (they should reset each time the dungeon resets now bumping way too much on empty end chests)
  • Too bright nights (the nights are simply too bright to call it a night, it does n’t have to be pitch dark but at least add some exitement survining the night, take the Exiled Lands for example).
  • Mobs leaving the storm attacking bases close to the storm but OUTSIDE the storm (they should really despawn in time guys… this is a serious griefing issue since these mobs single hit destory each building piece, this should be adressed before a troll/griefer decides to destroy my base and that of my fellow Conan players by abusing this EXPLOIT)
  • No chance for tier 4 thralls in lower fuel? It should at least have a slim chance…
  • There is no weather apart from the storm… it makes the map look the same all the time which is a bit boring compared to the exiled lands

That’s it I really hope you guys take my feedback in consideration, I’m not asking strainge things :stuck_out_tongue:

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This update is a HUGE downgrade! Character customization - meh, MORE benches, more space taken up, more running around, more grind, all equaling bigger bases - HORRIBLE, changing the surge summoning material on Siptah to hardened steel is good, and bug fixes are good. All in all it has made me not want to play at all.

Well, there are some problems with this update. Neither the campaign nor Garrison blacksmiths benches can be used for making iron or steel reinforcements, and the Precision and trade carpenters bench cant be used for making insulated wood, bows or arrows im sure there are other recipes missing as well but weve traded recipe bloat to crafting station bloat if we are going to need 2 of many of the crafting stations in order to make all the items

So far the only thing’s I have feedback on (so far) are:

  • Depending on what flooring you are using, some of the benches float slightly above the floor (e.g. new Furnaces on Arena Foundations). When you lower them enough so that you can’t see under them, the feet of the crafters and the bottoms of any barrels/clutter are truncated.
  • While I get that the bigger size of the new benches is a balancing issue, I’m not wild about the barrels alongside the new Furnaces. I’d much rather be able to place my own clutter than have it dictated for me.
  • I really like that material production has been moved to separate benches to reduce recipe clutter.
  • I also like that lining have been simplified; though it’s upsetting that we have no compensation (not even recycling) for linings that had previously been made – especially given their extreme cost.
  • The Improved Armorer’s Bench undoes this benefits of reduced recipe clutter because it is now shows both the Epic and non-epic recipes for every single piece! In fact, I’d say this is the biggest negative change for me, and I’m really hoping it’s unintentional and will be fixed.

Yeah I found this last night when I threw them in the recycle bench. I probably should have done it before the patch but it isn’t announced what day that is happening.

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Geeez, have to replace all my flawless items. Stupid question: What is the easiest way to get oil from now on?

You can press the brown seeds you get from harvesting plant fiber.


You can press ALL seeds to oil, as far as I experienced it so far. :slight_smile:

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You are right on that.

Only when you had a named thrall:
Before this update every armour piece had 3 versions “normal”, “exceptional” and “flawless”. This is I think still worse than the new approach.

Just some thoughts:
I doubt they split normal from the epics in another bench. What would be nice if you had like a category “Light”, “Medium” and “Heavy” or “Normal” and “Epic”.

Or maybe a bench with 2 interactions, one for normal and one for epic. Like this:

  • Normal armour bench show only normal
  • Improved armour bench show only epic
  • The tier 3 armour benched have 2 interactions 1 normal and the other epic (like you face the table press E and the normal versions are shown and when you face the leather and buckets the epic versions are shown when interact with E < or face whatever else that is possible, it should be a clear visual of the bench)

Or is this not how you ment it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m just wondering if anyone else is having 5 thralls spawn on last wave of wild surge? The pattern is 1 wild thrall, 2 wild thralls, 5 wild thralls (including dafari). Just wondering if it’s a bug, intended or one of our mods

Hey everybody,

We have released a new hotfix for the game, version

  • Addressed an issue where servers would chain crash when certain mods are disabled. (Item serialization error)

Thanks for your continued feedback and patience.


Thanks so much. I’ve kept my servers offline waiting for this so I wouldn’t have to juggle backup saves. Time to fire one up! :slight_smile: