PC Update 3.0 - Discussion Megathread

I’ve had 4 fatal error crashes in 15 minutes.

-updated game
-verified install files (because conan constantly has fatal error issues)
-launched game
-started new single player save (because there are ALWAYS issues)
-left mods as they were
-fatal error crash
-relaunched game
-removed all mods showing not compatible with 3.0
-fatal error crash
-relaunched game
-removed ALL mods
-fatal error crash
-verified game files again
-relaunched game (still no mods)
-started editing settings in admin mod
-fatal error crash while in settings menu

Why release an update with all of these new features if the basic functions of the game do not work?
On an added note, I specifically created my account to report these issues.

Finally got the game to play, after multiple more restarts, and there are keybindings that are double assigned (ex. says left ctrl to dodge, but it doesn’t work because it is assigned to something in build). Also, if you run out of stamina it will NOT start regenerating even while standing completely still.

This game is completely busted at the moment.


What language do you have set, and what entries in the main and Esc menu were wrong? Please provide screenshots if possible.


I was really hoping for the keybind options on not dropping things from inventory with spacebar. Can someone help me out here? I would prefer it NOT be spacebar so that as I’m typing in chat I don’t look at my inventory 20 min later and realize I lost the top left item in inventory once again because I mistyped once :slight_smile:

I cannot find this option in the keybinds list?

The battlepass is $10. Isnt that the same as the DLC’s were? Or maybe there were more. Been along time since I bought them but I know the only one that was leas then $10 was the conan placeables/armor pack.

If you had mods in the server you should remove the mods and wipe the server to prevent crashes. Mods are not working good with this update probably, I would wait 1 week to allow modders to fix all.

You can find DLC for 5€ in some websites of CDKEY, but you cannot find battlepass on there. Anyway the DLC gives you 10 times more content than the battlepass and lot more quality items. Even if you pay the Battlepass you must unlock the items playing and completing quests while the DLC just gives you all with no need of do anything.

I am in the same situation

When will the update be available on pc with the xbox gamepass ?

am i alone? I have had to Verify/update files on PC - 10x . Still it is crashing everytime I load up the pc game.


I was playing on the official server #1028-PvE- g-portal,
since the update, it is in the invalid list.

Could you fix it please ??

can we answer please ?

When will it be available for Xbox Gamepass PC?
Just started up the game, no updates yet

It was still crashing WITHOUT mods…as I indicated in the lengthy events that I listed out.

was hoping 3.0 would be more stable, but Official server 6111 already crashed.

Do you subscribe to mods? I also had the chrash problem and did the verify/update cycle several times without any success.After i unsubscribed all mods the game started without any problems. (connected to an unmodded server though as modders will need a while to update)

You need to reinstall the game, it worked for me. But the funny part is that I have the update in game, but in menu i still have the “Isle of siptah” theme.

Anyone knows why I can’t connect to my friends game on steam? (I have the game on game pass)

Did you also unsubscribe the mods in steam workshop? Worked for me.(without removing them from the games modlist)

it’s strange

Yeah, and when I try to search servers I have only 2: Win10_PC_CERT and Win10_PC_CERT_DEBUG, so I guess something went wrong while pushing the update :frowning: