PC Update 3.0 - Discussion Megathread

Maybe some devs here will give us the answer.

yes I hope the devs will go through this it’s not normal or they favor direct buyers…
I just discovered the game thanks to the game pass I’ve been waiting for this update for 5 days and at the launch nothing…


yet the subject is at the top of the page they must surely see it…
either they are trying to find a solution or there is clearly an advantage to live buyers on the various platforms available with the game

Very disappointed! I finally got the update and logged in only to crash within 30 seconds of entering the game. I have reset my server and computer several times and still crash.

this is not how they will attract people to their game for the pass which is now available… it’s a shame for them…

  • Hitting trees with pickaxes now always yield bark with each hit. Woof woof.

Dont ever change. Reading patch notes is as welcome as the patch itself.

No Wipes in the Official PvP servers? Really? Funcom, didn’t you guys learn anything?

So… what happened to both building systems being available?

I genuinely despise the new and ‘improved’ building method.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for your response.
Here are 11 screenshots regarding no or bad translation in Polish :poland: (Polski) language.

Polish language screenshots...


  • Should be “Postać” (Character) in the sense of “Player Character” (Postać Gracza) not a “Character from the Alphabet”.


  • Should be “Twórcy”

  • Should be “Wstecz” same as the other buttons.

  • I can only speculate, maybe “Przełączanie trybu usuwania” (Switching the delete mode)?

  • All items in the bazaar have an English name.
  • The name of the Store is cut off both on the left and right side.


  • Completing the challenges is partially in English.
  • There is also a strange internal gamecode name, sometimes.


  • Some of the animation names are English.

  • The tooltip for the item in the Battle Pass is in English.


  • The Admin Panel has English elements.


  • The Battle Pass item has a description in partially English.

I wish :pray: you were asking me about the overpriced Battle Pass over the rest of the DLCs. :roll_eyes:
Anyway, thank you, I guess. :pretzel:

i have validated i have checked integrity and still when i log in i get fatal error half way thru the cut screen

I don’t think the battlepass is overpriced considering that upon completion you get 1200 crom coins back.

You are right :+1: if it will indeed be possible to recover the full 1200 coins. They talked about it during the stream, they also talked about the price which should be comparable to a single DLC, but it’s not, it’s not regionally adjusted. That’s why I doubt :fearful: that it will always be possible to collect the coins back.

My doubts can be dispelled by some transparent statement or time. But since there is silence, all that remains is to wait…

When taking screenshots for @Kanura, I tried to make this Battle Pass. I got to level 5 and it tired me terribly. I really thought these challenges would encourage me to play the game, will interest me, but I haven’t fallen in love :heavy_heart_exclamation: with this Battle Pass yet.

Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but upon purchasing Sandstone Set 2, I’ve not been given the ability to craft all the advertised items. The wooden overhang build piece that was advertised and front and centre on the set isn’t available to me.

Yeah its a rip off. You got to spend $50 to get anywhere near the same amount of items that were in the $15 dlc’s. I just uninstalled and won’t be playing again. Wish I could get a refund for all the crap I bought over the last few years. New players won’t see it but I am sure there are a lot of disgruntled vets in the community over this battle pass/bazaar nonsense.

another update and still cant play the game using gportal and before this update our server was running fine and now new update our server seems to start and stop start and stop and again cant play

Character Transfer

  • as far as i understand, its still disabled? Just do not have this option in Esc menu. Any information about when it will be availible again?
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Well I have to say I like most of this update. With over 4k hours played this is the first time I have been propelled to say something. The bazaar is nothing but a rip off. I gladly bought all the DLCs but will not be buying any crom coins. I know that it is all cosmetic and has no effect on the game but there are some cool things in the bazaar and I can only imagine that there will be more. I really hope they rethink the choice to be like most gaming companies and only after a micro transaction cash grab. Most likely I will stop playing because I started playing at the beginning and saw Funcom as different kind of game company, I guess I hopeful they would have stayed that way.


Having same issue any resolve yet?

The animation for Sacrificial blood in a flask is too long. It’s literally 32 seconds. As much as I appreaciate the idea of a ritual involved, it gets exhausting after a while.

I noticed lots of demon spawns outside the maelstrom schedule, on Siptah. If this is a normal thing and not a bug, what is the purpose of the maelstrom?

I want to gift some crom coins to some friends so they can get the battle pass, but there is no option to do so. Would really love to have that included in a future update.