PC Update 3.0 - Discussion Megathread

I’ve been browsing the forum and noticed complaints about the “Battlepass not working” or “bought items from the Black Lotus Bazaar wont show in the crafting menu after relog” etc.

Customers are seeing this message a lot:

But if we want to reach customer support the only option that slightly fits our request would be the bug report, which leaves us with this message:

I think there has to be an option added to reach customer support directly over the launcher or ingame regarding problems with purchases from Bazaar or Battle Pass!

Ok I just rememberes Zendesk.
There you can open a ticket regarding “In-game purchase”
I hope people who do not have access to their purchased items can get help there or at least a refund. :yellow_heart:

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So uh, anyone else find combat extremely… off?
As a fistweapon medium armor character I find my stamina runs out immidiatly and have to constantly take breaks during fights to recharge stamina (good lord I got thralls along else I’d be deader often then I already am due to the HP loss after 3.0 (and the stunlocking enemies))
I think I curse more about out of stamina here then I did in 7daystodie Alpha 17 :stuck_out_tongue:
With fistweapons one cannot parry or use shields so dodging is the only way to avoid incoming damage, but a dodge takes up waaaaaay to much stamina to be an good option in combat.

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Where the f*** can we enable/disable them? Upate patch notes says via server settings.
NO option to turn it on/off in the ENTIRE settings menu.
Can you please FOR ONCE be specific?
That is ridiculous that such new and important (I guess) feature is this very well hidden…


And while we’re talking about being more specific. How about being more specific in some of the challenge tasks? Kill a mammoth with poison apparently doesn’t mean just any poison. After orbs galore the mammoth died but did I get completion? Did i heck. So now to try with my poisonous blade … or maybe my entire carry capacity in reaper poison.
If the conditions are specific then your task descriptions also have to be specific.


Try EventSystemEnabled=True / False in ServerSettings.ini

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That server settings!
I thought it was an in-game setting… Many thanks!

It looks like after update pets missing food, that could boost chances for grit attribute when we are rising them. Food that previously boost survivability chances now have no effect on them

That challenge is a bit finicky. The finishing hit has to be dealt by any weapon poison. Just stack it with poison and wait…

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New patch 3.0.2 released.

We’ve opened a new discussion thread here: