[PC] Update 33: Server crashs - dedicated

It looks like the Server crashes are caused by players dying. Not everytime a Player die, but sometimes. Spawn Problems?

The Last in the Logs…

[2018.04.17-19.23.01:261][832]GameEventTelemetryDebug:Display: 96577.9 187622.2 -18280.2 0 PlayerDeath “BasePlayerChar_C_30”

[2018.04.17-20.37.55:062][439]GameEventTelemetryDebug:Display: 89800.0 191283.4 -20109.4 0 PlayerDeath “BasePlayerChar_C_31”

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Sorry to hijack your thread, but if you don’t mind me asking… How did you update your dedicated server? Obviously my PC automatically did the 18GB download but if I run steamcmd on my dedicated server it says there are not any updates available.

np, you have a pm :wink:

Could I please have an e-mail response too. I am having the same issue. Thank you :slight_smile:

We are getting a lot more crashes now and our server was wiped recently =/.
Might be related to what you are suggesting I’ll have to check the logs later. thanks for reporting this.