PC Update - Age of War Chapter 4 (Updated 4.11.2024)


“The Sacred Hunt” Limited-Time Event

Underneath the blood-soaked wilds stirs a primal force, a calling of the hunt. Be you predator or prey, Exile? Rejoice, for both are sacred! Learn more about this new limited-time event below:


  • Chance for enemy humanoids to go into a “Dazed State” upon death strike
  • Once dazed, the player can perform a fatality if facing the front of the dazed enemy and attacking using a melee weapon
  • Performing a fatality adds a buff that stacks

Follower Overhaul

  • Control over follower behavior has been removed from the follower radial and replaced with a new menu in the follower’s inventory panel
  • Follower Command Radial has been reworked for ease of input, it now makes selections on release rather than requiring a second click/button tap
  • New “Flee” command will instruct your followers to run from combat and regroup with you
  • New “Wait/Defend Here” command will instruct your followers to stand in the indicated location until instructed otherwise. Aggressive and Defensive followers will fight to defend the location while Passive and Pacifist followers (such as mounts) will avoid combat while staying near the location.
  • “Attack” and “Return” commands have been reworked to be more reliable when the follower is already in combat
  • “Stop” command has been removed

Destructible Camps in Siptah

  • Small camps that are destructible at X’Chotl and New Luxur in Siptah
  • Enemies do not respawn until base reset
  • Base reset occurs on timer if no one is nearby as well as after the boss is defeated and all players leave the vicinity

New Purge Encounters

  • Thieves, Champions, Golems, Starcaller
    • These encounters are aimed at higher difficulty purges and offer the purge new ways to counter your defenses. Good luck!
  • Purges above difficulty 9 no longer have Prisoner waves

New Buildable Siege Weapon - the Ballista!

  • Ballista is unlocked via the knowledge menu tab at level 30
  • Built on a Siege Weapon Base, which is built on top of a Siege Foundation. The Siege Weapon Base can then be upgraded into either the Trebuchet, or the Ballista
  • Interact with the front of the Ballista to open its inventory, and the back (where the cranks are) to operate it.
    • Hold down secondary/heavy attack to charge up the ballista
    • Fire with primary attack
  • Ballista ammunition is crafted inside the Ballista
  • Two different kinds of ammunition, each with 3 tiers: Bolts and Balls.
    • Bolts are excellent against living targets, and have a particular effectiveness against avatars
    • Balls deal good point-based siege damage
  • Ammunition can be selected in the Ballista’s inventory, just like the Trebuchet

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is receiving new offerings in Chapter 4, including a Poitain Jousting item set, an expansion for the Lost Dungeon building set, and a soothing Yamatai onsen placeable set. Additionally, more favorites from across the previous Chapters and Age are returning in special bundles!

Battle Pass

Age of War Chapter 4 Battle Pass will let you build a complete Zingarian Mercenary camp, including perimeter walls & gate, soldier & captain tents and armor, and other, diverse placeables. In addition, Battle Pass experience progression has received a major update in addition to some changes to Challenges. Read below for more:

Battle Pass Progression

As part of this update, Battle Pass progression has undergone significant changes. Most notably, the primary method of progressing your Battle Pass has shifted from Challenges into actions you would perform through just playing normally.

  • In-game actions that award Battle Pass XP:

    • Killing Enemies
    • Crafting items (not from your inventory!)
    • Harvesting Resources
  • Changes to Challenges

    • Completed Challenges award significantly more Battle Pass XP than before, but will also have more difficult or involved requirements
    • Challenges now reset weekly instead of daily so you have more time to complete them


Inventory Management Overhaul

We’ve been hard at work making the inventory and inventory management a better experience for all Exiles. Here are some of the changes:

  • 13 unique item filters which you can use to sort and organize your inventory by, based on associated item tags and identifiers

  • Quick Stack and Quick Split

    • Quick Stack: Interacting with a container will now display a button to grab/offload all matching item types in the container and your inventory.
      • Pressing the button a second time will place all/grab all non-matching items as well
    • Quick Split: Right Click/Right-Bumper will now instantly split half of the selected stack of items into a new separate stack
      • Repeated uses will split the original stack further into the new stack
  • Updated Inventory action button layout

    • Buttons at the bottom of the inventory will now always be in the same location
    • Buttons will no longer be hidden in a sub-menu
  • Dye Changes

    • The dye functionality has been moved to the dyer’s bench, with a new inventory slot where you place your armor and then press the “dye” button to open up the available options.
  • Added several new icons

  • Cleaned up the interface of several windows

  • Introduced more visual consistency between crafting and inventory windows

  • Added new default keybindings:

    • Select: A / No keyboard binding
    • Back: B
    • Use/Equip: X / F
    • Split: RB / Right click
    • Give: RT / R
    • Give all/take all/quick stack/restock: LT / Q
    • Info: A (long press) / no keyboard binding
    • Drop: Y / Space
    • Start crafting station: LT (long press)
    • Cycle sort: R3


  • Added ‘Auto face forward on attack’ toggle under the Gameplay tab in Settings. Turning this option on automatically makes your character turn where your camera is facing while attacking.
    • This option is turned OFF by default.
  • Stamina now begins regenerating 1 second after consuming or exhausting your supply (from 0.1 seconds)


  • Fixed a crash in the Black Galleon on Single Player for lower-spec PCs
  • Fixed an issue causing hunting-chests to have unintended loot
  • Fixed an issue prevent hatch-frames from being placed next to wedge ceiling pieces
  • Fixed an issue which allowed characters to use tools on nodes that are intended to be picked up by hand
    • Exception: Sickles can still be used on bushes
  • Fixed an issue which would teleport players inside of the Wolf Cave outside
  • NPCs at Mek-Kamoses’ spire will no longer stop spawning due to nearby landclaim
  • Siege foundations now follow overlapping rules better, and cannot be placed halfway into other building pieces
  • The White Tiger and nearby NPCs can now properly navigate their terrain
  • Fish Traps and Shellfish Traps have had their bait values adjusted to properly reflect their chances of catching specific fish with a given bait type
  • The cheer emote is now usable in the radial wheel after learning it
  • Characters will no longer hold dual axes incorrectly when in the relaxed combat pose.
  • Players may now target-lock limbs of Apes, Rocknose Kings, and the Kryllandian
  • The Scorpion Queen now has a 100% drop rate for a Scorpion egg sack
  • Tinkerer Journey step text has been updated to correctly identify the “Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge” as the required knowledge to progress the journey
  • The last step of the Thrall Taker’s Journey will now properly complete when placing a thrall from the bench’s inventory
  • Fixed an issue where some epic weapons did not trigger the “Craft an Epic Weapon” Warsmith journey step
  • Finding a language dictionary will no longer notify the player that they have found a relic fragment
  • Repainted several transparent stones at the Mounds of the Dead
  • Adjusted collision detection for fish trophies so that they cannot be placed in unintended locations
  • It is now possible to dye all of the armor pieces from the Champion’s armor set
  • Craft and Craft-All no longer share a default key binding
  • Stormglass pieces no longer have rain pass through them
  • Thralls placed too close to one another no longer struggle to find their home-location after a fight
  • Several Avatars on Xbox have had their Potion of Invisibility revoked, and are now visible as intended
  • Items behind the Aesir wall can no longer be plundered from the outside
  • Dying in the Kurak dungeon no longer prevents the player’s corpse from being summoned
  • Followers now receive XP when killing an enemy with weapons that have the Execution effect
  • Isscar the Sellsword will now properly despawn (after 10 minutes) when freed from his cage in the Purge
    • He will also realize that he has been freed, and stop asking to be let out of a cage he is no longer trapped in
  • Hyborian Fighters in the Well of Skelos will no longer fight the Serpent mini-boss in the same area
  • Removed floating flooring at Muriela’s Hope
  • Conan can no longer be target-locked, as he is too exactly as powerful as he should be

Items and Equipment

  • Adjusted placement of several items in the Construction Hammer menus
  • Updated build menu nomenclature:
    • ‘War Torn’ item descriptions and notations received a consistency pass
    • ‘Beds’ building category renamed to ‘Bedroom’
    • ‘Shelves’ category renamed to ‘Cabinets and Shelves’
  • Yamatai Floor Pillow is now a proper seat you can interact with! This also means they are now valid spots for tavern patrons and followers to sit.
  • Freebooter Feline now grants Sorcerous Pet Food knowledge
  • Zamorian Dais clips less with crafting stations, building, and decoration pieces
  • Vendhya Treasure Cag is easier to place
  • Relic Hunter Pick is no longer missing its colored border
  • Forlorn Crypt Spiral Staircases are easier to rotate on foundation pieces
  • Floor Pillows can no longer be stacked
  • Zamorian Canopy no longer clips with crafting stations, building, and decoration pieces and with itself
  • The King Below will once again drop the Diadem of Kings
  • The Sword of Crom now properly deals damage to all enemy types, even when held by Thralls.
    • Weapon stats have been adjusted as a result
  • Eldarium Cache and Bag of Essences now have updated icons
  • Camel Mount and Camel Saddles no longer mention horses in their long descriptions
  • Adjusted HP value of the Forlorn Crypt Iron Doorframe
  • The Training Dummy can now be spawned from the admin panel
  • Corrected a spelling error in Unholy Communion Armor #spelchekr
  • Updated the placement of several weapons in Weapon Display Racks
  • Spears with the Sweeping property can now be used while mounted
  • Re-positioned Thrall placement for the Improved Stove to prevent clipping
  • The Wine Cellar boss Thag now correctly drops Khari Steel
  • Nemedian Peasant and Decadence sets have had their crafting requirements updated to match other cloth-based sets
  • Characters can no longer enter a stance from a mysterious land and era after interacting with Smart Objects (i.e. chairs, emplacements). What depraved sorcery is this ‘rootin and tootin’?
  • Purified Water no longer indicates that it has durability
  • Fixed a typo with the Potion of Invisibility
  • Rolling with a drawn bow will no longer result in the bowstring remaining stuck in the drawn state
  • Fixed an issue where several armor sets could not be delved
  • Heroic Treasures can once again be placed near coffers
  • Fixed missing audio on spears’ heavy third attack

Known Issue(s):

  • Potion of Midnight is currently not able to be crafted at the alchemy station by the Child of Jhebbal Sag. The Potion of Midnight is currently able to be crafted from any other alchemy bench you build. This will be addressed in a mid-April hotfix.

The following changes went live with the Chapter 4 update, but were missing from the notes. We apologize for any confusion caused by this omission.

Crafting Ingredient Rebalance

  • Significantly reduced crafting costs and required crafting time to alleviate the burden of time-investment for many aspects of the game
    • Steel bars now cost 3 Iron bars to make, down from 5
    • Steel bars now take 10 seconds to craft, down from 15
    • Steelfire now costs 1 Tar, down from 2
    • Steelfire now takes 10 seconds to craft, down from 20
    • Bricks now cost 5 Stone, down from 10
    • Hardened Brick now takes 10 seconds to craft, down from 15
    • Shaped wood now cost 5 wood, down from 10
    • Stone Consolidant now costs 5 Plant fiber, down from 6
    • Hardened Brick costs for buildings have been reduced by roughly a third
    • Iron reinforcement costs for buildings have been reduced from 7 to 3
    • Dry wood now takes 15 seconds to craft, down from 40
    • Dragonpowder now costs 75 Steelfire to craft, down from 100
    • Layered Silk now costs 1 Alchemical base to craft, down from 2
    • Layered Silk now takes 5 seconds to craft, down from 8
    • Hardened Leather now costs 1 Alchemical base to craft, down from 2
    • Hardened Leather now takes 5 seconds to craft, down from 8
    • Alchemical base now costs 1 Ichor to craft, down from 2
    • Alchemical base now takes 10 seconds to craft, down from 20
    • Perfected Light Padding now costs 10 Layered Silk, down from 17
    • Perfected Medium Padding now costs 20 Hardened Leather, down from 28
    • Perfected Heavy Padding now costs 30 Hardened Leather, down from 42
    • Perfected Paddings now takes 10 seconds to craft, down from 30
    • Oil now requires 1 fish (down from 1,5,10) and will always result in 1 oil (down from 2)
    • Oil now requires 5 seeds (down from 15) and will result in 1 oil
    • It is now possible to get Oil from any of the high quality fish caught in an Improved Fish-Trap by putting them into the Fluid Press

Official Servers - Server Settings Changes

  • Stamina Regen 0.1 to 1.0

    • This was reported in the original patch notes, but not implemented.
    • It has since been updated and will take effect on the next server restart
  • Harvest Rates

    • Due to the crafting ingredient rebalance, harvest rates on PVP and PVE-C servers have changed
      • PvP Gather Rate from 4.0 to 2.0
      • PvE-C Gather Rate from 2.0 to 1.0

Age of War Chapter 4 Hotfix (4.11.2024)


  • Potion of Midnight is now craftable at a new station located next to the Werehyena who teaches you the recipe. This station is the only station where it can be crafted.
  • Other Werehyena NPCs at the event camp have been properly disciplined and no longer offer the option to speak to you
  • Followers will now properly defend against the Werehyena Ambush
  • Bearer Thrall HP increased to original pre-Chapter 4 values
    • (Dev note: This change is temporary, as we feel the current HP values of Bearer Thralls is too high. This will be revisited after a new feature in a future update)
  • Defensive Followers will now properly use weapons
  • Fixed an issue where a player can become invulnerable under specific circumstances
  • Tweaked certain Elephant attacks so that they no longer rotate in unintended ways
  • Siptah: Fixed an attack from a Devolved Goblin that did no damage
  • Fixed an issue where the attacks of the Wine Cellar boss Thag could not be avoided
  • Fixed an issue where Great-Axe attacks would go through Shields even when blocked
  • Fixed an issue which prevented equipping torches while mounted
  • Enemies will no longer fail to enter the Dazed state when attacked before they’ve had a chance to draw their weapon
  • Enemies also no longer appear to snap out of Dazed State when a Fatality is executed
  • Increased pathing speed during Fatality Executions (e.g. your character will move into position faster)
  • Thralls guarding a gate frame will no longer slide when the gate is opened
  • Resurrected Corpse inventory fixed and usable
    • Also fixed an issue which allowed Resurrected Corpses to be given armor
  • Ballista camera should no longer stutter when used on Dedicated Servers
  • Patrons arriving at Taverns should always face the proper direction

Inventory Management

  • Reintroduced the Split Stack window
  • Changed Quick-Split shortcut to Shift + Right Click by default
  • Right Click now defaults to “Use” as before
  • Inventories will now save the last selected sorting filter
  • The crafting queue can now be accessed with a controller
  • The cursor highlight will no longer jump to crafting recipes when assigning a thrall to a workstation
  • The X (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation) buttons will no longer close the UI
  • While using a controller, the left stick will now only move between options in the highlighted window, and the right stick will navigate between windows
  • Crafting Panels will now be visible when opening the window, rather than being blank until a recipe is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear while in menus
  • Fixed an issue where Descriptions and Buttons would fail to update when the menu changed
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting moving and picking up items
  • Fixed an issue which caused items to lose functionality when split several times
  • Stats will now be shown when hovering over items in the hotbar radial menu
  • Fixed an issue where using the Potion of the Hunt caused the inventory windows to remain open in the final stage of the Midnight Grove
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an item would sometimes drop unmarked items as well
  • Minor adjustments of various UI windows

Battle Pass & Bazaar Item Fixes

  • Lost Dungeon Grate Hatch can now be open and closed more than once, as hatches are meant to be
  • Lost Dungeon Curved Crenelated Walls and Fences can now be places on Curved Walls and Doorways
  • Fixed level-of-detail (LOD) graphical issue on Poitain Jousting Knight Armor
  • Poitain Knight Caparison Emblem is no longer squished on the left side of the caparison
  • Poitain Caparison saddle and Winter Caparison saddle no longer have clipping issues
  • Building pieces should now use the appropriate sound cues instead of the sound cues of the material they were placed on
  • Dismantling Treasure Maps will no longer give plant fiber and will instead give back some of the materials used for crafting the Treasure Map
  • Yamatai Onsen Water Pump water flowing animation will now start when interacting with it
  • Arachnid Companion Supreme now has more health than the base Arachnid Companion
  • Fixed a missing background in Battle Pass parallax artwork