💣[PC][US CENTRAL] L E G I O N -[10x All][HardcorePvP][No Raid Timers][No Gods][Arena][Events]

Welcome to L E G I O N!

Some friends and I decided it was time for a real PvP server to come back into the light. With a collective playtime of just shy of 10,000 hours the four of us put our minds together and took pieces from every server and interaction we’ve been through and created a rule set and canvas for some of the hardest PvP. Currently we’re still in the process of finding our ground and sharpening edges. We want to bring constant action and undeniable honor to those who claim the title of “alpha”. We’ll be swapping to a stronger machine come April 1st (possibly sooner) but currently we are working on it to release with the tools and suggestions everyone has brought forward to offer the best experience.
Currently we’re running on a host with less capability but the performance seems to be stable. So jump in, get to know some of the people and offer your own suggestions to help us shape the best server we can.

Discord: 3gYvArD (apologies I can’t add links yet… :c)

Direct Connect: