[PC][US-EAST][PVE] New Server: Sons of Bobby

Launched a new US EAST PVE server. Decided to rent a server rather than constantly have to refresh the server browser - almost killed the game for me. I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Max Population: 20
Clan Size: 5
Hunger and Thirst rate: 0.5
Durability Multiplier: 2.0
Harvest Multiplier: 1.5
XP Multiplier: 3.0
Resource Respawn: 1.5
Fuel burn: 0.5
Longer days
No dropping equipment on death

Possible mods in the future.

I have Discord.

Let me know if you and your friends are looking for a PVE server where you won’t have to wait/constantly refresh to play. I’ll toss you the IP.