[PC][US]Imaginary Realms - PVE-C - 18+ Modded/ x2 XP / Weekend-PVP /Events /Thespians / Shops / Lore

Soon to be opened server focusing on PvE-C gameplay, Lore, RP and community building. This server is running various Steam mods to enhance gameplay for both our content writers as well as our players.

So what are we all about you ask? Good question. Imaginary Realms, IR for short, is a side project of an existing game developer (not a company but a person) to foster content writing for aspiring writers as well as unique content. But a server with no players is no server at all. So we want you, the people to play and enjoy the game as these writers learn the ropes of how to present content to a player base. As mentioned, this is a modded server with various Steam Mods running to provide not only the writers additional items to work with but also you as a player to have access to as well.

IR wants to build this into a community not just a server taking up CPU cycles. As we grow we will be adding quests, new items, lore and much more. We will also be asking the community to get involved as well and be what we call Sentinals or Admins. We highly value feedback. The better the feedback, the better the server.

At this time the server is in what we would call Pre-Alpha. We have a number of Mods installed that we may or may not keep and we are using this as a means to allow our writers to learn the tools they have. But we need you to help us. We need players to test quests and build so we can determine what works best for the direction we want to go. At the end of Pre-Alpha when moving into Alpha we will be narrowing down the systems we will be using as well as the methods we employ. Unfortunately all builds and clans will be wiped during this move. They will also be wiped when moving into Beta. BUT… Once we hit Beta there will be no more server wipes unless there is a grave need to do so. So your build will be safe from that point.

IR wants this to be a home for those wishing to play Conan Exiles and have a good place to RP and immerse themselves into the game. Some of the features we have and will have in the future are:

  • No Purge
  • No Server Wipes (the goal)
  • Quests
  • Dungeons
  • Admin-Run Special Events
  • Scheduled PvP (we all have a life)
  • Involved Admins
  • New Original Assets
  • And more than we haven’t thought of yet. :slight_smile:

Check back here in the next week or so for the name of the server and IP. If you are interested in getting in early and potentially helping us as a Sentinel please PM me and I will be glad to talk to you. We will also have a Discord server. At this time we are not opening this up to players but it will be once we open the doors to the server.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to see you in game.

xXBelocXx - Server Owner