[PC] [US] Lust, Love and Steel II (RP/ERP PvE 18+)

Lust, Love and Steel II (RP/ERP PvE 18+) is waiting for you to come tell your tale!


Discord: Lust, Love and Steel II

Server Time: U.S. Central

Server Location: Dallas, Texas

Current Mods List and Lord Order: Steam Workshop::Lust, Love and Steel II

No drop on death

No building decay

Slightly boosted basic server settings

Purge active 7 days a week.

Paragons Leveling: Level to 300! Feat gains after level 60 are turned off.

Simple, easy to navigate starting area.

2 RP hubs. Sepermeru Tavern (where Conan is) has been turned into a RP hub, as well as an admin constructed RP hub.

Several mods to cater to the style of play and RP you choose from building/placeable mods to mods that help facilitate your more…carnal…desires, and always looking for new content to possibly add.

Lot of content between Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal, Thrall Wars and other mods.

New player friendly. If you’re looking for a new place to bring your clan or just a new place if you are not in a clan, OR have never played a modded Conan Exiles before come on over!

Join the Lust, Love and Steel II Discord for more info on all the perks playing on this server.