[PC] [US] Pinnacle[PvE-C]<XP-3x><Gathering-2x><30%harderNPC> NO WIPE

Fresh Server : 05/27/2018
Server Name = Pinnacle[PvE-C]<30%harderNPC> NO WIPE

About us:
We are a group of 8 players. We felt the normal difficulty of the NPC is a bit underwhelming and boring, no challenge at all once we reach max level and good gear. So here we are with this server, if you really like the play style of the game but want some challenge you are welcome to join us!

The rate are :

  • XP 3x
  • NPC DMG 1.3x
  • NPC DMG Taken 0.7x (take less dmg)
  • Harvest 2x
  • Resource Respawn 5x
  • Crafting / Thrall 0.3x ( about 3 times faster)

We are open to suggestion about the rate of the server or the difficulty in general, feel free to ask and we will be glad to respond! (My IGN/Steam is Xeph92)

Where is the server located? Sounds interesting. I think I’d prefer NPC DMG Taken at .75 (I think it would have to be .7 or .8 instead), but oh well.

We’ve been playing today for about 5-6hours so far and early level is rough but once you get some lvl 30 gear, it start up to be alright. I could lower the NPC DMG taken at 0.7 if this is what people want.
Also the server is located in Canada, Quebec. I have gigabytes internet with 100mbps upload. The ping should be great.

I made some change, I had to remove the mods since nobody is willing to install mod to join the server it seem, I reduce the dmg/dmg taken of NPC to 30% instead of 50%, 3x XP instead of 2x. Hope this is what people actually want haha.

Most of us will be online tonight at 6:00PM Eastern Time (ET), pretty much every night. If you are interrested to join us, make sure you poke in and say hello! :stuck_out_tongue: