[PC US]The Darkness - Created 5/9 - 1x PvP Purist Server

The Darkness

Greetings, savages!

As someone that adores Conan Exiles, we were saddened to see the raid and purge timers added to the official PvP servers, not to mention the double harvesting modifier. In hopes of bringing back a more authentic feeling, we’ve created a server for those of you like us that want more of a challenge. The server is located in Chicago so as to be centrally located, and is so far paid up for three months at minimum with 52 slots. We’re hosted through HostHavoc, which has excellent reviews and is proving to be very stable for our members from all over the country. We have active, experienced admins that play at all hours, and we are considering creating a Discord server for easier point of contact.

Server IP:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, or to contact me on Discord at Xurtan#3487.

Remember, you cannot escape the darkness.

tl;dr All modifiers are 1x, server is in Chicago, 52 slots. Join us!

Starting to see some good PvP between clans, always looking for more people. :slight_smile: Primarily three clans vying for control, could you be the savage that tips the balance? Find out!

What is the clan size limit on the server?

Twelve at current. We likely won’t increase it as we like to keep clan size small.