[PC US]The Darkness - Wiped 5/27 - 1x PvP Purist Server: Looking to grow!


Greetings, savages!

We are offering an alternative to the ‘classic’ ruleset, as well as that of the official PvP servers. Unlike the official servers we have raiding and purges turned on at all hours, gods are turned off, and dark lasts about 20% longer–along with that first, seemingly eternal night alone in the sands. :wink: All modifiers are set to 1x. This is a purist server, because we want to challenge each other! We want to see all that Conan has to offer, fight clans and individuals, see people create wondrous buildings and sprawling bases. We have active admins and a solid core group of players, but are looking to grow; and for that we need your help.

The server is hosted in Chicago, and is 52 slot. The IP is The server automatically restarts at 5 am. If you have any questions at all, please contact Xurtan#3487 on Discord. We look forward to seeing you out there on the sands, and in the dark. Further, we look forward to spilling your blood, and having ours spilled in turn.

Gods go with you, for you will need it.

-The Darkness Team

Still have slots, and starting to see clans grow! Come check us out.

Freshly wiped today, May 27th, in light of the experience changes and in the spirit of fair play. Come join us, murder, and have fun. :slight_smile:

Clans are forming and sides are being taken. Be sure to get in on the ground level! Great community!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out in the wilderness.

Particularly good if you’re tired of large clans dominating a server. Our clan size is set to 8, and most of the combat we’re seeing is between groups of 3-5. Perfect if you have a small group of friends you want to PvP with but don’t want to come in and try and take on groups of 10, 12, or even more people! The “top” clan right now is only three people, think you can challenge them?

Hmm… top clan? Says who? :japanese_ogre: