[PC] [US-West] (SOL) Navy Exiles – 2X HVST [PVP] New Server 5.17.2018 - 24/7 Online

Hello everyone!

(SOL) Navy has a brand new dedicated server. There is plenty of room, so bring your friends. We run a very relaxed server with active admins and NO admin abuse. We provide forums that we will announce any restarts, list server rules and discuss anything server related. Come visit us at


  • No avatars
  • 2x harvest
  • Reduced building damage to make newbies structures a little more forgiving
  • Max clan size is 15
  • 24/7
  • 70 player seats

We are currently discussing limiting raid hours so you aren’t constantly getting AFK’d. We don’t want to alienate other timezones though, so we are talking through it.

See you in Hyboria!!!

Server is running great, but needs more players. Come join the fun!