[PC-USA] PVP very relaxed server, east coast USA --Iron Raptor-- Vanilla rules with 2 mods Fresh wipe 6/21

Just a group of friends playing on a server in my basement. Since the cost is very low, the server will be around for a long time. Anything (except cheating/exploiting) goes.

Mod load order:
OR - offline raid protection

Server address (if you can’t find it by searching for “iron raptor”)

Small bump, probably stabbing more stuff tonight around 9 pm eastern.

Join the voice chat on discord since the in-game voice chat is blasting Manowar constantly:

“See my chariot run to your ships
I’ll drive you back in the sea
You came here for gold
The wall will not hold
This day was promised to me
The Gods are my shield
My fate has been sealed
Lightning and javelins fly
Soon many will fall
We are storming the wall
Stones fall snow from the sky
We will pay with our glory
In the fire of battle
Crom today is mine
Killing all in my way
Like sheep and like cattle
Smashing skulls of all who defy
I spare not the hammer
I spare not the sword
This day will ring with my name
None have to chase me
Let he who will face me
Kill me or die by the sword”

i am a owner of a pve server. i wanna ask you for help. how to switch server to pve-c as members of my server highly want pve-c than pve. plz help. thanks in advance.

Are you hosting it yourself or are you renting one from gportal?

In either case, the idea is that you turn on pvp, but turn off player building damage

Fresh wipe on 6/21